RTI Reveals Amount PM Spent on His 41 Trips in 48 Months. It’s Huge

The Modi Sarkar promised ‘Acche Din’ and it has come for many people, including the PM himself. We have seen the PM travel to various countries in hope to gathering some business for the country and improving the image of the people of the country.

Many people criticize the PM over all these lavish trips which he takes and is always under the opposition’s radar for his trips who do not leave a chance to take pot-shots at the PM.

Since a long time people have been wondering how much does the PM spend on his trips. An RTI was filed and the amount of money spent on these trips has been revealed.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi emplane for Frankfurt on the way of his United States visit, at AFS Palam in New Delhi on Thursday . PTI Photo

As per the RTI report, the amount spent on these trips is a whopping Rs 355 crores. The reports came to light after an RTI activist Bhimappa Gaddur from Bengaluru inquired about the amount that was spent. In total, the PM has spent 165 days abroad in the last 4 years.

The information about the cost of these trips have been posted online. And the most expensive trip was the tri-nation trip to Germany, Canada and France which spent a total of Rs 31.25 crores.

The Prime Minister has taken 41 trips in 48 months; here are the details;

The activist was intent on voicing his opinion where he divulged information about the trips:

“The highest amount of Rs 31, 25, 78, 000 was spent on his nine-day visit to France, Germany, and Canada between April 9 to April 15, 2015, and the least amount of Rs. 2, 45, 27, 465 was spent in trip to Bhutan on June 15 to June 16, 2014”

Well the information on the trips are out, let’s see how the opposition reacts to this information.

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