Ronaldo was Promoting Nike But Wore an Adidas T-Shirt! Got Trolled on Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo (32), the Portuguese footballer who plays for the national team and Spanish club Real Madrid, had a great weekend as he scored two times in the finals of Champions League and consequently, Real Madrid lifted the trophy.

It was obvious that after such a terrific performance of Ronaldo, his sponsor Nike would like to cash in the moment by using him to promote its brand. Nike dug out an old photo of Ronaldo of his young days and added the caption “This boy knew” as an attempt to tell that the Portuguese footballer had an idea of his future achievements.

The footballer also shared the photo on social media with the famous slogan of Nike – “Just do it”

However, as you know that there are some social media users who have the knack of going deep into every matter, they did it again by bringing out the original image which was not edited by the graphic team of Nike. This revelation gave an embarrassing moment to Nike as in the original photo, Cristiano is seen wearing a black jumper which was designed by Adidas, the arch-rival of Nike.

Twitter trolled Ronaldo for the attempt of false advertising and here are some tweets:

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