Reports in Media Suggest One Visa to Visit South-East Asian Countries! Here is the truth!

These days, news is losing its original meaning. If one website reports particular news, you will find it being published on different media sites within minutes; but the sad part of this story is that it is not verified properly beforehand. This further leads to confusing the readers and is very bad for the reputation of the website.

Surprisingly, we read few articles about a multiple entry visa launched by Malaysia, which allows Indian tourists to travel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Media reported, Now Indian travelers can travel to all these 4 countries using a “Single Visa”. But the truth is far from this and we had to point it out for your benefit.

You need to know the real truth behind the viral news.

Basically, they reported it to be like the “Schengen visa” which is valid in Europe. When Indian tourists visit Europe, they can use a single visa to travel to different countries there. However, someone spreads the same thing about Malaysia and it was absolutely incorrect.

If you want to visit Malaysia, you need the eNTRI visa, which we reported about a few days back. Indians just need to pay $20 for this visa, after which they easily get entry into Malaysia; however, they can’t use the same visa for traveling to Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia. Separate visas for separate countries are mandatory.

We wouldn’t have reported this news if they would have said something like “get eNTRI Malaysian visa and travel to Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia” because you can get eNTRI visa in advance and then visa on arrival for Thailand & Indonesia! But all these websites even included Singapore in this list, which requires Indian nationals to have a separate VISA before visiting it. This eNTRI visa will only let you visit Malaysia and you will not be able to visit Singapore using this.

This clearly means that if you are visiting all 4 countries, you MUST have 4 different visas. To visit Singapore and Malaysia, you need a visa before travelling whereas in the case of Thailand and Indonesia, you get the visa on arrival. There is no rule which permits you to visit different southeast Asian countries on the same visa.

Don’t trust the media blindly, cause if you believe in what you read, chances are they are false if not verified.

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