Reporter Asked Deepika If She’s Single Again! She replied with a Clever Answer, See How!

It’s been 3 years that B-Town actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been closely knit together; the romance between these two love birds has hit the headlines every now and then. However, of late, there are many rumors about the couple calling it quits.

This was when people started observing Deepika’s closeness with Vin Diesel during the promotions her Hollywood flick “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”. Since then, there has always been some or the other news about Deepika-Ranveer’s breakup.
People started believing these rumors when the duo entered separately on Shahid Kapoor’s birthday.
Recently, in a press conference, a reporter asked Deepika about these breakup rumors and asked if she is single again. She was shocked on being asked such a question and couldn’t figure out what the reporter is up to.

Deepika’s expressions on being asked about her breakup with Ranveer are hilarious; she made a weird face. LOL!
Instead of answering, Deepika cross-questioned the reporter; firstly, she expressed surprised and asked “Which news?”. Then, she asked the reporter “What do you think? What would you like me to be? I would be whatever you like me to be”; how CLEVER!

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