Rangoon trailer out and It will be a fight between Saif and Shahid over Kangana

Kangana Ranaut is back and how. The lady is a scene stealer in every true sense. She looks terrific on screen, acts pretty well and gets the best dialogues to mouth. And you will see her do all of that once again in Rangoon. The just released trailer has the actress playing Jaanbaaz Julie, a leading female action star from 1940. From unleashing the hunter to shouting out ‘bloody hell’ in her ultra husky seductive voice to seducing her two leading men – Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Kangana holds your gaze with her magnetic screen presence and ‘taalimaar’ dialogues.

Rangoon is a love story based on the backdrop of World War II. Saif plays a rich, Mumbai-based theatre owner while Kangana Ranuat is the prime attraction at Saif’s establishment. When Kangana is sent to Burma, where the Indian National Army is stationed, she falls in love with Shahid Kapoor who is an Indian soldier fighting for the British in World War II.

Soon, begins a tumultuous love story, filled with deceit, in the backdrop of war and with Vishal Bhardwaj in the director’s chair, it is difficult for anything to go wrong.

The movie was a period film set in the 1940s in the good old Bombay before it takes a long travel to the east. Shahid and Saif play Kangana’s love interests and both actors are in their element. While Saif is classy as he sports his aristocratic look with panache in the film, Shahid is all messy as he gets down and dirty.

The neatly cut trailer establishes the relationship that Kangana shares with Saif and Shahid and gives ample space to all three actors to display their wares. Kangana looks equally at ease while romancing both the leading men. The face-off sequence between Shahid and Saif will be one of the most keenly awaited moments.

The film will bring back memories of British India and an era gone by. Given Vishal’s penchant of extracting career best performances from every actor, he has directed, one can expect to see just the same from the cast and crew of Rangoon.


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