Rangoon: A Historical Love Story which You Should Watch to Live the Action

When you think about Vishal Bharadwaj, you think magical scores, grandeur, realistic performance and unique plot. However, sometimes it can lead to a lost plot and make your sense of feeling of incompleteness when it comes to the movie leaving the audience to think, think and think.

“Rangoon” is one such movie which shows a feeling of incompleteness when watched, but is the right mix of nationalism and Indian movies. The movie is about 167 minutes and neither bores you nor shows the complete picture to the audience.

Revolving around the Quit India Movement of 1943 the movie has left a strong historical impact, but the movie is much more of a love story than a war movie.

The movie revolves around an Army officer named Nawab Ali played by Shahid Kapoor, who falls in love with a starlet named Julia played by Kangana Ranaut. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Rusi Billimoria, a film producer who is madly in love with Julia. Again a love triangle.

The movie takes off when Julia is on the verge of being captured in Burma when British Army officer Nawab uses his expert training and quick mind to move her to safety even though they do not know where they are and reach some remote village in Burma, that is when they both fall in love with each other. By the time, Rusi who is madly in love with Julia is searching high and low and eventually finds her. Now will he take revenge on both of them or will he let them lead a happy life together is the crux of the plot.

As actors all three Shahid, Saif and Kangana have played brilliant roles. Siders Satoru Kawaguchi and Richard McCabe have also delivered very good performance. Everyone has done their job and provided justice to their roles.

The production team has done their job spending a lot of money on the production, including beautiful musical performance and to add to it the editing of the war scenes shows the cinematographer of the film makes Rangoon visually appealing.

The good point of the movie is the grandeur and the cinematography of the movie. The hair do of the cast is so slick and the costumes make the movie even more remarkable. The songs are perfect and well-written and the choreography is worth applauding.


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