Random Guy Walks up to Girls and proposes them! Asks for a Kiss too! But here is the big twist!

Laughter is the best medicine of the world even though they can’t cure diseases like doctors but definitely has the capability to give some moments of happiness and pleasure. And what could be a better source of laughter than pranks? No matter how upset you are, if you become the victim of a prank or play a prank on others, you will automatically start smiling!!

The team of Funk You believes the same; therefore they decided to videotape the findings of this amusing prank to make their fans laugh! This time, they have done something unusual and new and you’ll surely love it! The prankster goes to random beautiful girls and proposes them. Not only this, he also kisses them but wait, here’s a big twist that makes even girls burst into laughter instead of being angry! Watch the video to see the reactions of the girls!

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