Raaz Reboot Review: Ethical ghosts don’t kiss married women!

Raaz Reboot is a Ghost Movie which stars two characters, our protagonists Rehaan and Shaina, they are living in Romania a.k.a. Dracula Land and they fall trap to the possession of a ghost, one who follows social norms, and does not respect the unsaid social mores. Offcourse, this is a Vikram Bhatt’s movie and the ghost does not kiss women who wear a ‘mangalsutra’.

What the two protagonists who are newly married is that Shaina is going to get possessed by a ghost. They are already going through a rough patch in their life, and this is the right timing for Aditya’s (Emraan Hashmi) entry. He is already well known for luring married women out of their commitment as has been seen through his previous movies.

Raaz Reboot

At the point the local priest is helpless as the ghost does not listen to him and keeps blackmailing him about his pasts in relation to kids and drives him away.

In this movie, you can spot cliché’s, such as Hotel Transylvania, a Gypsy Woman and this movie will surely take a lot of your patience.

Raaz Reboot

The movie continues with the clerics failed exorcism hurting the pride of God, and his reputation is at stake and that calls for some extreme measures. Soulful music will soothe your ears, and Emraan Hashmi is also there.

But, the experience is not one which you will forget soon.

Raaz Reboot

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