Prize Money of FIFA World Cup v/s Cricket World Cup. There’s a Huge Difference

The FIFA World Cup is starting today, and there is much fanfare regarding the tournament which is happening in Russia this time around. If you compare it with the popularity of cricket in the world, there is no comparison at all. Football is played by every nation in the world in their own rights, while cricket is a game for a rich country and for limited countries to play.

The FIFA world cup is the most awaited tournament and since it happens only once in 4 years the popularity is massive. While talking about the tournament it is seen that there are 32 countries which have qualified and are fighting to win the world cup title.

Due to the status of the world Cup, it’s obvious that the prize money related to it is also massive. The countries participate in the tournament because they hope to win the title of world champions, and also for the prize money involved in it.

Total prize money for FIFA World Cup is US $400 million i.e. Rs 2700 crores. If we compare it to the prize money involved in the Cricket World Cup the difference is huge and most cricket fans may be disappointed.

So are u interested in knowing how much money each team will get for playing in the World Cup. Here it is:

32 teams fight for top honors in the world cup and the football countries get $9.5m (Rs 64 Crores each) ($8m for taking part in the group stage and $1.5m for tournament costs). While on the other hand cricket world cup winner get Rs 26 crores. That clearly means that the Cricket World Cup generates lesser revenues as compared to the FIFA World Cup which is worth more to the teams taking part in it.

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