Priyanka Chopra Appointed As UNICEF’s Global Goodwill Ambassador

Actress Priyanka Chopra, appointed as UNICEF’s newest global Goodwill Ambassador, urged people from across nations to become the ‘collective voice’ of oppressed children in the world and join forces to leave a better future for the coming generations.

Footballer David Beckham and 12-year-old British actress Millie Bobby Brown announced Chopra’s appointment as UNICEF’s newest global Goodwill Ambassador at a star-studded celebration here on Monday night to commemorate 70 years of the world body’s children’s agency.

“My wish for children is freedom. The freedom to think, the freedom to live,” Chopra said, addressing top UN diplomats, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors and children at the event.

She said while man has made unprecedented advancement in every sphere of life, children across the world remain unprotected from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Chopra lauded decades of efforts by UNICEF on shining the light on children and bringing awareness that “we are seriously endangering our future, which is our children.

Chopra said her involvement with UNICEF began almost 10 years ago in India and she was ‘humbled, enriched and committed’ as she takes on her new role of the agency’s global Goodwill Ambassador.

The anniversary celebration, which was led by the next generation of young celebrities and other young people, demonstrated the impact of UNICEF’s work over seven decades to protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable children.

The Bajirao Mastani star later thanked Beckham and Brown for welcoming her into the UNICEF’s international family.

“Along this decade old journey, with UNICEF, I have been on many field trips to villages and centers across India. On those trips, I spent time with numerous young girls and their families and experienced firsthand the transformative power of empowering young girls with opportunities that are rightfully theirs. Together, with my fellow, dedicated ambassadors, I am now proud to stand with UNICEF to help build a world where children’s right are respected and protected,” she said.

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