Phillauri’s First Monday Collections Out! How Much Has this Movie Raked In!

Phillauri is winning hearts and how. The movie, which already surpassed our expectations in the opening weekend and remains strong on its first Monday.

Phillauri is about the superstitious beliefs of the Indian society. It’s a satirical take on the blind faith of the Indian society on things that has no logic behind it.

Well, the movie that is made in 21 Crores has already recovered 12 Crores from its satellite rights. The remaining 9 Crores is already recovered with its phenomenal performance at the box office.

As we already reported, the first-weekend collection of the movie is 15.25 Crore. On the first day itself, it has collected 4.02 Crore, on the first Saturday it made 5.22 Crore and on Sunday, it minted 6.03 Crore.

The first Monday collections of the movie are out and its quite good. It has collected 2.02 Crore, which is surely promising considering that Monday is a working day.

Well, as far as the performance of the movie is considered, Phillauri did stand up to our expectations. The content as well as the commercials both has been taken care of. We are super happy for Anushka Sharma.

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