Petrol & Diesel Could be Soon Delivered at Your Home! Jai Ho Modi

Earlier, we used to get milk and newspapers at our doorstep; subsequently, there came a revolution and the E-Commerce firms gave us the option of getting any product from t-shirts and mobiles to laptops and accessories delivered at our homes. Recently, we have seen that some companies have started delivering groceries too but soon enough, we may not need to visit the petrol pumps and stand in line waiting for our turn to get our vehicle’s petrol/ diesel tank to be filled.

Yes, you read it right! The oil ministry is planning to deliver petrol and diesel on your doorstep! On Friday, Dharmendra Pradhan, the oil minister, told TOI,

“The world over focus is on delivering consumer convenience. We are bringing petrol and diesel on e-commerce portal. Suppose you leave for work at 9 am. So you go to the portal, book your delivery, make online payment and say that you want the fuel delivered at 8 am the next day. It will be done before you leave home.”

The oil ministry is planning for “mini petrol pumps” on the wheels which will provide fuel to the public at their convenience! The oil minister added,

“SUVs nowadays have fuel tank capacity of 70-80 litres. Think of a smaller tank with a capacity to refuel 4-5 such SUVs visiting your society. Ir will be a great doorstep convenience.”

When he was questioned about the safety of these mini petrol pumps running on roads, he said that it would be examined by the sectoral safety regulator, Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization. He further added,

“After all, aren’t big cars and SUVs moving on roads with large fuel tanks? Aren’t big tankers moving on the road? All of them are certified. So will be these small tanker-dispensers.”

The announcement regarding this scheme was made at the Parliament’s consultative committee meeting which was held on Friday in Srinagar. Earlier also, the oil ministry introduced some consumer-friendly steps in the last three years, such as booking of refill orders and payments of LPG in digital manner.

It will not only improve customer satisfaction but also create job opportunities in the retail market. This step will be very helpful for the rural areas where people have to travel a long distance to reach a petrol pump which is mostly on the highways. It will also make a dent in the monopoly of petrol pump dealers.


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