Parched, The Upcoming Production by Ajay Devgn, Isnt Just about Women, But Society

It may not be news that Ajay  Devgn’s Production ‘Parched’ is about to hit the screen this month. He has casted starts like Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla and Adil Hussain, which captures the lives of rural women in the country. The movie has won many awards at the International Film Festivals around the world, and it is about to be released in the country now. Talking about the movie, Producer was quick to point out that the movie was not just about women.

Parched isnt a movie just about women

He said, “This film isn’t about women only, but also about the men.. where both are victims. It is the society pressure which forces men to do thing apart from the mindset. So, this film talks about tackling both the issues.”

Parched isnt just a movie about Women

The director of Parched talks about highlights issues like dowry system, physical violence, forced marriages, rape and mental cruelty against women. Adding to this Ajay Devgn added, “While you are making a film like this, as a producer, you should be ready for implications. As for the film, we’ve shown the reality, but sometimes they (CFBC) are also correct that after a limit, one can’t exhibit anything for the sake of reality. Therefore, I think makers should know their boundaries.. what to show and what not to. In this film, we didn’t face any trouble. The film deserves an adult certification and we got that.”

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