Pakistan Responds to “Mauka Mauka” with “No Issue Lelo Tissue”! Check it out here!

Pakistan showed an electrifying performance in the Champions Trophy 2017 and proved that they are no less than champions. They beat a tough team like India and won the trophy. People in Pakistan are celebrating and the only slogans we are seeing on the social media are ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.

Since a long time, Indians were trolling Pakistani with “Baap-Beta” slogans but now, the roles have reversed; they have got a chance to take a dig at us and we need to accept the same.

Just like we had the “Mauka Mauka” ad to poke fun at them, htye too have come up with an ad campaign to enjoy their victory and hit back at India. This new campaign is termed #NoIssueLayloTissue and is developed by a leading telecom operator in Pakistan.

If we take it in a good spirit, the ad campaign is brilliantly made. It has broken the internet and everywhere you’ll find just one trend i.e. #NoIssueLayloTissue.

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