OMG! Rs 75000 Put Down Just to Watch Justin Beiber Lip Sync?

It was the first ever concert in Bieber in India and his fans couldn’t wait to watch him live ever since the news of his show went viral. Needless to say, thousands of enthusiastic fans appeared at DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai to enjoy his performance.

Some couldn’t control themselves and began to sing as well as dance on every track; nevertheless, few people didn’t seem to be impressed with the concert and referred to it as a performance which was “low on energy”. At the same time, they noticed that the pop sensation was merely lip syncing to numerous songs and this highly disappointed them for obvious reasons.

As per a fan named Amit Sarkar who was damn excited for the show since Feb,

“It’s like he [Justin] is playing it straight from his CD. I cannot believe that he is pulling this off. It’s quite clear that he is not singing these songs.”

Not just Sarkar but several others were also of the same opinion and one more youngster Tina Joshi expressed her dejection over Bieber’s not being in his spirit.

“May be it’s the heat and he is not used to it. It’s disappointing to see him perform like this. I expected him to sing LIVE, but he just sounds like his songs on my play list.”

Few fans were disheartened, as Bieber didn’t sing several very famous tracks. Anurag Dixit, another fan, said,

“He did not sing I’m the one!! It’s such a nice song and it’s my favourite. I don’t know why he didn’t sing it.”

However, the dance troupe was just perfect and amazing. In fact, it satisfied audiences, who spent a huge sum for the concert to some extent. HT was told by Siddharth Arora,

“I think dancers [on stage] were the only saviours. Honestly, it was a bit underwhelming from him considering that it was his first show here [in India]. Although he has promised to come back, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next time.”

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