Ola Charged 150 Crore For a Ride that He Didn’t Even Take!

There are few days in life when you don’t have an idea as to what the hell is happening with you. Something of the same sort has happened with Sushil Narsian who is a design consultant from Mumbai.

The man got even more confused as the strange incident took place on April 1st, which is celebrated as April Fool’s Day. Sushil needed to go to Versova market from Mulund so he booked an Ola cab; however, the cab driver was not able to understand the location, so Sushil walked to the cab but till the moment he reached there, the driver had already cancelled the ride.

When the man tried to book another cab, he was not able to do so and what added to his misery was that the Ola app was showing that Sushil needed to pay a bill or Rs 1,49,10,45,368 before he could book another cab. He got the shock of his lifetime as he was being asked to pay a whopping amount and that too for a ride which he did not take. His previous balance of Rs 127 was also deducted by Ola.

Here’s a screenshot of the app:

Sushil then tweeted his plight and also made it sure to tell Ola that people have the option of using Uber.

It didn’t take Ola much time to understand that it was a technical fault, which they resolved soon and transferred back Rs 127 to Sushil’s account deducted for the ride mistakenly.

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