Newly Wed Couple has Wife Murder Husband Just Because She Thought He Was Not Handsome!

Relationships will last for long only if they are based on love and trust; looks may also play an important role but it should not be the most important factor in the relationship because love and trust will grow with time and not physical appearance.

However, a shameful incident has taken place in Cuddalore where a newlywed woman of 22 years killed her husband on the basis of his looks. As per the police, the murder weapon was a grinding stone which was used to smash the husband’s head.

The couple got married just a week ago and the woman attacked her husband heavily after they had a brawl at home.

Police told that she started disliking her husband, who was a wood sculptor by profession and was in his mid-20s, after her friends and relatives started saying that he was neither attractive nor a suitable match for her.

In the beginning, she alleged that her husband was murdered by someone and cried a lot to make sure that nobody had a doubt on her but after carrying out an investigation; police took her into custody on the charges of murdering her husband. The court has sent her into judicial custody.

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