Nargis made to prim and proper on a Family TV Show

Nargis is a total package; she is bold, beautiful and blunt. And that’s what we love about this woman. She perfectly represents the free-spirited woman of the 21st century.

Nargis told to pin up

She believes in stating her opinion and performing and living life to the fullest, she isn’t a shy girl and never takes things for granted.

Nargis is currently promoting her movie Banjo, and during her promotion activities she visits many reality TV shows. She was at the show, Dance Plus, where she wore a stunning teal-colored dress and might we add, carried if off pretty brilliantly.

You might want to add that she looked regal in the outfit, but that’s not what Dance Plus thought.

Nargis told to pin up

She was asked to pin up her dress as it was a ‘family show’. Nargis had to comply and pinned up her dress and appeared on the show.

Some people and us on our team consider an abomination on womanhood and feel that the moral police had not only wagged their fingers because it was revealing but she had to pin up her clothes in order to comply.

Nargis told to pin up

The family audience which they were talking about was you and me, and if this is how minutely they are censoring content, we might as well give up on television!

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