Modi turned to be God-Incarnated for this 8 day old Baby and her Parents! Here’s how he saved her from Dying!

Modi is no less than God for this 8 day old girl and her parents from Assam. Yes, he proved to be a rescuer for this baby, who was fighting death and whose life support was about to end in 7 minutes.

Well, she was suffering from ‘Meconium aspiration syndrome’, a serious condition; in this, the first stool of the baby enters the lungs. She was on life support as her condition started getting worse.

Since there was no improvement whatsoever, they decided to shift her from Dibrugarh to New Delhi’s Gangaram hospital on Saturday.

An air ambulance was arranged and she was immediately lifted. PM Modi intervened in this matter and ensured there is no traffic. Yes, the rescue team got a traffic-free passage, all thanks to the Prime Minister.

When the baby reached the hospital, only last 7 minutes of her life support were remaining; had PM Modi not interfered, she would have died.

Her father Dhrubajyoti Kalita thanked Narendra Modi and said,

“He is our God today. We sought help from several influential people, including a top IPS officer from northeast working with Delhi Police. Nobody did anything. We did not know what would happen to our daughter.”

On Sunday, the doctors said that the baby has persistent pulmonary hypertension but is stable now.

Her father also thanked Delhi police and stated

“The way we were received at the airport was beyond our imagination. Delhi Police was extremely cordial and professional. We cannot thank enough the Prime Minister and Delhi Police.”


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