Media Company Sets up an experiment on Family Pressurizing a Woman for Abortion! Here is how they reacted!

Though the social stigma is curbed and the number of cases is declining, we still have the gender inequality surviving in our society.

We know that female foeticide is still very much a part of the list of hideous crimes in our society. Sex determination before birth, female child abortion and abandoning a female child is all a part of the crime that’s illegal.

However, a part of our country is still in the dark. What is even more shocking is that metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where families with progressive mindsets are living are practicing such gender discrimination.

We are still living in the era of taking pride on the birth of a male child. The Funk You did a social experiment on the same. They wanted to know how people would react to a pregnant woman seeking help to escape a husband who practices, domestic violence, forcing her to abort a female child when she is 4 months pregnant.

Curious to know? Watch this video.

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