List of Top 10 World Economies in year 2017. India’s Rank will Make you Happy

The World Bank has updated the list of the top 10 World Economies based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nations. It has placed India in the sixth place on the basis of the GDP and India has managed to push France to the seventh position. After quarters of slowdown, India has managed to bounce back in July 2017. 

According to the data launched by World Bank, India’s Gross Domestic Product has been shown at $ 2.597 trillion which is higher than France’s GDP at $ 2.582 trillion. 

Let’s have a look at the top 10 economies of the world on that basis. 

  1. United States of America 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 19,390,604 

2. China 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 12,237,700 

3. Japan 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 4,872,137 

4. Germany 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 3,677,439 

5. England 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,622,434 

6. India 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,597,491 

7. France 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,582,501 

8. Brazil 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,055,506 

9. Italy 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 1,934,798 


GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 1,653,043 

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