Would You Like to know Who Deepika’s Childhood Crush was! He from Hollywood and a Definite Hunk!

Deepika Padukone is one of the most talented and successful actresses of Bollywood who has now become an international star. Undoubtedly, she enjoys a huge fan following and a number of people are crazy for her! But on whom does she have a crush? Well, we all know about her alleged love relationship with Ranveer Singh! But do you have an idea as to who was her childhood crush?

Well let’s reveal this ultimate secret! Many of her fans might not be knowing that her heartthrob was none other than the “Titanic” star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, you read that right! What an awesome choice! It certainly won’t be wrong to say that the acto was the crush of many of us at that time, wasn’t he?

Recently, Deepika took to Instagram and shared a pic which also features her sister Anisha. The nostalgic pic is of her childhood when she was 12 and Anisha was 7. If you pay attention, you can find few posters of Leonardo DiCaprio in the room.

DeePee shared the pic with caption, “#flashbackfriday #MAJORflashbackfriday”

#flashbackfriday #MAJORflashbackfriday 🙈🙈🙈

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The photo suggests that both Deepika and Anisha were fans of Leonardo DiCaprio and his movie “Titanic” which was released in the year 1997.

You can also find a paper cutting which is perhaps a part of the interview of Prakash Padukone, the famous badminton player and Deepika’s father. On observing further, you’ll see DeePee’s pic on teh wall at the second spot, just after the photo of Leonardo.

The paper cutting discloses that the sofa which opens out into a bed has been Deepika’s favorite spot as she said, “Whether I’m reading, listening to music or chatting with my friends, this is my favorite spot.”

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