Japan Official Receives a Pay Cut because he took Lunch Break 3 Minutes before Time

We all take our jobs and work easily and we generally work our normal work day around the lunch and break hours. We understand that working is important but we have so many things which are dearer to us, like watching the world cup. Many a times, we come to work late and return home early and we do this without being scared of being fired.

We have to thank our bosses and company that we can do this without being scared of the consequences. This is even more the case because a Japanese worker just received a pay cut for taking lunch break 3 minutes before time.

As per NDTV, a city spokesman told that the official works at the waterworks bureau in the western city of Kobe. He was fined because this was the 26th time in the last seven months that he did take the lunch break early.

The spokerman told AFP-

“The lunch break is from noon to 1 pm. He left his desk before the break.”

The surprising fact of the whole incident is that the person got a half day pay cut for his actions, and the bosses called a news conference to apologize. Speaking to the reporters, a bureau official told-

“It’s deeply regrettable that this misconduct took place. We’re sorry,”

According to the bureau, The worker was in violation of a public service law and officials have to concentrate on their jobs.

This has sparked an intense debate on social media in Japan.

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