Jadeja’s Performance in Batting, Bowling and Fielding was Bad, But the CSK Fans and Twitter Couldn’t stop Trolling Him

Yesterday’s match between CSK and KKR was a nail biter in itself, not due to the score or the competition, but how much lack of focus and effort was taken by Ravindra Jadeja during the match. We all enjoyed the match, but most of us were disgusted by his performance during the match, and we had hoped for better from Jadeja.

Even though KKR won the match by 6 Wickets and easily chased down the 177 Run target set by the team. But Jadeja’s performance shows why he is kept out of the national team. In fielding he dropped Sunil Narine twice in the start of the 2nd over and Sunil went on to score a 32 runs due to this mistake. Even though Jadeja was the one who took his wicket in the end, the damage was done. His fielding according to everyone of us was not up to the mark.

And when it came to bowling, he gave away a whopping 39 runs in his 12 over, close to 10 runs each over on an average. And even though he took Sunil’s wicket at the end, he could have had him at 6 instead of 32 runs.

When it came to batting, he scored a mighty pale score of 12 runs in 12 bowls. And that too in the death overs which seems unbelievable. Fans were angry and mad over his performance and they made their anger known.

Twitter went crazy over the performance and made Jadeja know about his bad performance. Here’s what they wrote.

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