IPL 2019 to be Played Outside the Country? This place has been selected Outside India

The 12 Edition of the IPL will be a star studded event just like the current one but like every 5 years since its inception, the General Election will be held in India during that period of time. This has definitely dampened spirits as the venue for the tournament has to be changed.

Yes, the IPL 2019 will most probably be held in United Arab Emirates and not in India. As until now, the IPL venue being changed is still a speculation but there are high chances that it might be held in UAE just like 2014.

In 2014, the first half of the tournament was held in UAE and after the election got over the second half was held in India.

Rajeev Shukla, a politician and the chairman of the IPL said that since there will be elections next year and police protection may be a problem, there are chances that some of the matches would have to be moved to UAE. However, he said that other options would also be taken into consideration.

Another official also added to that, and said a second venue will also be considered for holding the IPL. If the election is going to clash with the IPL, and the whole tournament would have to be moved outside India, then South Africa would be the first choice. Only if a few matches were to be shifted, then UAE would be an option considering the distance, being a close neighbor.

Also, if the election is held early, then the 12 edition of the IPL would not be shifted. The IPL matches would be played between 29th of March to 19th of May 2019, now the venue depends on the dates of the election.

In 2009, the whole tournament was moved to South Africa due to elections, and so in 2014, half of the tournament was played in UAE. This could be the third time the IPL may be shifted.


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