Important Things to Consider Before Doing an MBA

Once you are at your last semester, it suddenly dawns on you that your student life is going to end soon, but you’re clueless about the future. You’re not sure if you should join an MBA or join any company and get some work experience.

If you think you are the only one facing this dilemma then you’re wrong. There are many who are stuck between these two options and find it tough to choose any one. The answer may look simple to some, but there is one of two things you can do, either continue in your numb and dazed options or come out of it and build a future for yourself. No matter what you do, I’d suggest you first take a look at the following content and make an educated choice.


You may continue on the path you have chosen and make a decision in two years or deal with it today, but in any case, you can’t escape it without doing something different. And that different approach is deciding to gain the skills required to improve your employability even before getting into a business school. Here are some ways in which pre-MBA work experience helps students in the long run:

Become Confident from Day One

Two years of MBA will give you the chance to share the classroom with some big hot-shots from IITs, NITs, NIFTs. In case you don’t carry that tag with you then work experience of two to three years will immediately give you the much-required confidence. MBA is the subject where you use your theoretical knowledge and put it in use in some practical applications. If you’ve worked in the field for some time, you’ll definitely find it easy to get along and keep your head high throughout those two years.

Getting Admission into Top Universities will be a Piece of Cake

From IIMs to Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, every college desires a student body that has some experience as part of their postgraduate programmes. Even the data shows that students who have lower scores will get into these business schools without scoring not-so-good marks in CAT/ GMAT. The only factor working for them was the work experience which they had done.

Clarity about your Future Path

When a student goes to an MBA programme straight after his studies, he finds it somewhat confusing to choose a major at the end of the first year. He may have a general idea of most subjects, but not as much as an experienced candidate would have.  If you complete a couple of years of coursework before applying for a two year MBA programme, he knows the ins and out of the working of the industry and hence will be better fit to make a decision.

Preference at the time of placement

If it is placement season, then persons who have a couple of years of experience will have a better time, as most companies offering good packages prefer to hire someone who has got some work experience. It allows them to spend less on training and have the person doing productive work as soon as possible.

While having some experience prior to MBA has its own benefits, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it as a fresher. But, this will definitely turn your attention about the decision you make.

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