How ‘DNA’ Got it All Wrong After Lisa Haydon Slams the Newspaper on Commenting On Her Marriage to a Pakistani Origin Business Tycoon

DNA walked into `no-mans land’ when they published an article saying that Lisa Haydon’s Bollywood career might be over because she recently married to a “Pakistani origin” businessman Dino Lalvani. DNA went on to write that she will have to say goodbye to Bollywood and even Bollywood won’t mind saying goodbye to her. This left the actress fuming and she went on the social media to answer DNA back and shut em up.

DNA also wrote in the article about the current relationship between India and Pakistan which is at an all time low, but the gratifying Lisa Haydon has shown us that love can still conquer all. Breaking down barriers between the two nations on last Friday she married her UK-based business tycoon boyfriend Dino Lalvani of Pakistani origin.

And its not like it hasn’t happened before, Actress Reena Roy moved to Pakistan and married Pakistani Cricketer Mohsin Khan, converted to Islam and few years later the marriage ended. Even Tennis Ace Sania Mirza is going great with her cross border marriage to Cricketer Shoaib Malik and it is working strong.


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