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2020 Colorful Holi Wishes for Your Loved Ones

Holi means color, sweets and lots of fun. It’s a happy time of the year when the whole world becomes colorful. Holi brings us closer to our friends, relatives, and loved ones. These Happy Holi 2020 messages will bring your loved one even closer to you. Enjoy this festival by sharing love and sweets with colors of affection filled in your heart.

Holi is a festival celebrated worldwide by Hindus. This is the second most important festival celebrated by Hindus after the festival Diwali. When the dates for Holi near people start going to their home town to celebrate the festival with their families.

holi 2020 banner
Holi 2020 banner

Why do we celebrate Holi?

Holi is celebrated just the day after the first full or Poornima in early March every year. Holi celebrates is the coming of the spring season, fertility, good harvests, and the return of warmth a cold chilling winter. There are many stories regarding the origin of Holi.

The most famous involves the demon King Hiranyakashyap and his sister, Holika, and son, Prahlad. Other legends associated with the festival include the legend of Shiva and Kamadeva.

Happy Holi english Girl
Little girl blowing holi colors
Little girl blowing Holi colors
indian girl holi colors wishes
happy holi colorful background
happy Holi colorful background
foreigner girls celebrate holi festival
Female Foreigners Enjoying Holi

“May this Holi be more colorful, more joyous and the sweetest.”

color in hand with wishes caption

“Red for Love, Green for Prosperity,
Orange for success and Pink for Happiness
May God Bless you and your family with these colors.”

Happy holi wishes creative background
Happy Holi wish images with creative background

“May the vivid color of Holi fill your Lives with Hues of Happiness and love.”

“Hope the canvas of your life gets painted with the most beautiful colors”

people playing holi with wishes

“May this Holi fills your Life with Lots of Colors and Good Health”

Happy Holi Text

“Best Wishes to you for a Holi filled with all the colors of joy, hope, and Happiness”

hands with color holi wish
Indian family playing Holi
Holi Caption with dishes

FAQs related to the Holi festival.

What is Holi and why is it celebrated?

Holi is a symbol of victory of good over the bad, victory of love over hate. It also signifies the start of harvest in India.

Why do they throw colors in Holi Festival?

As per Hindu legends, it is believed to be associated with Lord Krishna. His Holi with her lover Radha is very cherished in Hindu Mythology. Different colors of Holi hold different meanings.

Red reflects love and fertility
Blue is the color of Krishna
Yellow is the color of turmeric
Green symbolizes spring and new beginnings.

Is Holi powder safe?

The colors made with fruits and flowers are considered safe. These are called organic colors. In the recent colors are made using a chemical that sometimes can cause harm to the skin. Always make sure you use organic colors for Holi.

Why is Holi not celebrated in South India?

Holi is not that famous in South India. The reason behind this is because South India has a culture inherited from the Dravidians, which is different from that of Aryans.

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