Here is the Reason behind the Orange and White Colors on Windsocks at Airport Runways Tell Us

Waiting for take-off at the airport and determined to download the last video which you can play in the air? Here’s what you would have seen if you had relaxed and looked around, you would have noticed a sock flying at half past. Here’s what that means?

Even the sock is known as the Merry Windsock, which is striped white and orange in appearance. It is a conical tube which is used to inform the pilot on the wind direction and speed of the wind. Often found in airports, motorways and mountainous regions, it helps people decipher the next course of action as to take off and landing or which runway to use based on the wind, which is especially useful to the pilot.


According to newly appointed pilot Gul Panag, tells that these windsocks are not present for decorative purposes but for safety and direction.

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As per FAA standards, 15 knots is the speed of the wind where it will remain perfectly horizontal at 28 km/h speed, while at 3 knots speed of the wind, will make the windsock position it at a speed of 5.5 km/hr.

Many airports use this sock at the midway of the runway to decide the airstrip which should be used in the take-off and also present at the runway end to indicate to the pilot what to expect on approaching.


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