What Happens to Coin Collected by Security at Wankhede Stadium? We finally have the Answer

Have you and your friends been regularly going to the Wankhede to watch Cricket matches. If you have been then you would have noticed that the security does not allow certain things inside the stadium. Most of them include bottles, packets of food and also, change money. Yes you heard it right. Security does not allow change inside the stadium. And they have a valid reason for it.

Due to the craze for the game, hooligans and sometimes even normal fans, act like caged monkeys when their team loses. There have been incidents of fans throwing bottles and other ‘missiles’ onto the field.

So the security does not allow the fans to bring in change into the field. So what happens to the money collected from fans during such matches?

We have the answer for it, once the money gets collected after a game or two, the money is sent as an offering to the Hanuman Mandir in Marine Lines, and most of the times the change box is not even opened and sent directly to the mandir where it is opened. And the amount is a big amount sometimes ranging to Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000.

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