Guy backed off From Trip at Last Moment! What his friends did was total “Jugaad”!

Everyone has that 1 person in the group who shows a lot of excitement while planning trips, but backs off at the end moment, after all bookings are done. We just hate that person, because he always ruins perfectly planned trips.

A group of 10 friends faced the same problem, when one of their friends Joe Mcgrath ditched them for a trip to Mallorca (Spain). Yes, they couldn’t stop cursing Joe when he backed off all of a sudden and that too at the end moment, when nothing could be changed.

Since all the flight and hotel bookings were done, they found a “Jugaad” to avoid the wastage of money.

Well, one of them searched for a guy with the same name i.e. Joe Mcgrath on Facebook, and asked him to come on a trip with them. Joe Mcgrath, the one they contacted, is a resident of Machester, England, was totally shocked to get such a request from strangers. At one point of time, he thought the group is fooling him.

Here is the message he received:

McGrath was doubtful even after getting the boarding pass, but he decided to take the risk because he had taken off from work. He joined them in Bristol and enjoyed the trip to the core; although they were complete strangers, he had a gala time.

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