Guy Abuses Hindu Man in Pakistan! What Pakistanis Do is Heartwarming!

In India, religion is considered to be a very sensitive issue. People just need a reason to spark religious controversies and start fighting.

But we all forget one thing that it is not God who has created “Religions”, but it is we humans who have created these differences. If that’s not enough, we have media houses that add fuel to the fire.

Often, we come across Hindu vs Muslim debates on media channels, but don’t you think, it influences the mindset of people in a negative way?

Media is considered to the biggest influencing factor and it should always portray things that benefit the society. Most of us are of the opinion that Hindus are treated very badly in Pakistan, but is it really so?

Amidst this, we have Waqas Shah, a Pakistani American, who carried out a social experiment in Pakistan, to show us how Hindus are actually treated there.

Watch this Video:

Earlier we had shown you how a Sikh man was treated and now, this video shows how a Hindu is treated by Pakistani. Through this social experiment, Waqas was successful in showing us that Pakistani love and respect Hindus; in fact, they protect the minority in every way.

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