From Begging on Chennai Streets to Studying at Cambridge, See this story to Inspire

Ever seen impoverished children begging on the streets, you probably give them alms or food taking pity on them. Ever thought what the kid could achieve if he just had a chance, a shot at excellence? We have one such story which will make you believe in our mind.

Jayavel’s story is about the chance he had and the shot at glory he chanced. The 22-year-old grew up begging on the streets of Chennai, but today, after completing a course at Cambridge University, he’s all set to leave for another in Italy.

Street Urchin goes to Cambridge

Around the 1980s after the family had lost everything when their crops got destroyed, Jayavel’s family had to move from Nellore to Chennai in search for opportunities. Since the family had no source of income, they had to live on the  streets and beg for money, Jayavel also had to beg to fetch food and money for the family. In a statement he said

“We used to sleep on one such pavement. If it would rain, we would try to find other shelter in any nearby shops until the cops came and chased us away from there.”

Street Urchin goes to Cambridge

The turning point came when Uma Muthuraman of Suyam Trust found out about Jayavel and offered to help. Uma and her husband worked for upliftment of lives of children on the streets of Chennai when they met Jayavel. They were able to take him under their wings and were able to help Jayavel and his family get over their hesitance and enroll him in a school.

Jayavel’s life at this point took a turn for the better and he was able to succeed of the opportunity he was given.

Street Urchin goes to Cambridge

He scored well in his 12th standard examination and later cleared Cambridge University’s entrance as well. He got himself a seat in Glyndwr University in Wales, and studied ‘Performance Car Enhancement Technology Engineering’, a subject based on enhancing performance of race cars.

Jayavel is now going to Italy for further studies and is a role model for anyone who wants to make it big in life!

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