Fan Gatechrashes Anushka’s Birthday Party! What She did was HeartWarming!

Anushka Sharma celebrated her 29th Birthday in 1st May with close friends and family. The gorgeous Bollywood actress was flooded with wishes on Social Media from fans, but there was one who couldn’t satisfy herself with mere wishing.

The said fan proved her madness for Anushka by gatechrashing her residence. As she reached her house and expressed the desire to meet Anushka desire, guess what she did.

Well she welcomed the fan in her house wholeheartedly, gave her the time and love she must be craving for. Also Anushka received the gift from fan and posed for some lovely photos. The fan posted on Twitter:

Isn’t that what Fans look for? It’s really great to see that stars like Anushka are above all the stupid tantrum things which celebrities generally throw when they see fans coming their way. If anything gestures like these make the fan following grow even further and make the bond deeper




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