Disha Patani Gets Stalked in Delhi, And the Fan gets metted out the Treatment!

Disha Patani, the MS Dhoni actress and rumored girlfriend of Tiger Shroff is a brave heart in real life.

From dealing with slut-shaming on social media to managing a stalker who was following her in Delhi, she’s handling things like one mature person should. The actress is currently the national crush of India. She is absolutely adored for her simplicity, beauty, and sweetness.

She recently won an award at the Hello Hall of Fame 2017 as the Promising Fresh Face in Bollywood. In no time, Disha has managed an amazing fan following. She is loved by many. However, sometimes love beyond boundaries are dangerous.

Disha Patani was in Delhi for a brand shoot when a Fan followed her to no ends. He followed her from the Hotel to the Mall where the shoot happened, and also to places Disha visited during her stay in Delhi. The man even got into a fight with the hotel staff when they did not allow him to meet Disha.

All thanks to the manager, who took immediate action and threw the man outside the hotel area. Disha felt threatened, but was quite relaxed when the situation was under control.

She said,

“I am relieved that the episode is over. I am deeply overwhelmed by the love of fans. When I got to know about it, I was in for a shock. It was an unpleasant experience.”

What is even more amazing is that Disha decided not to take this matter till Police, it would simply make the matter blow out of proportion since she is a celebrity. So she has decided to keep a bodyguard with herself most of the time.

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