Did You Know Abhishek Bachchan Holds a Guinness World? Swear to God he Does

Abhishek Bachchan Does the Impossible

Abhishek Bachchan might not get the accolades he deserves when he stars in front of millions of us. He finds it’s easy to showcase his talent and does so through many memorable performances. But, we bet you did not know that he holds a Guinness World Record.

Yes, he certainly does hold the records for ‘Most Public Appearances Made By a Film Star in 12 Hours’. He broke the record by overtaking Will Smith who made 2 Appearances for his Movie ‘I Robot’ in 2004.

Abhishek Bachchan Does the Impossible

Abhishek did this feat while promoting his movie Delhi-6, he travelled to 7 major cities in India which included Ghaziabad, Nodia, Faridabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Mumbai within a period of 12 hours. He did this feat with a help of private jet planes and cars at his disposal. Pretty Cool! Isn’t it.

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