Dhoni Challenged Bravo For a Race on the Pitch. Check Who Took 3 Runs Faster

It has been a fantastic year for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL 2018: they were first reinstated into the IPL and came up with a great auction to create the best line-up and then they went ahead and beat everyone with their flair and power hitting to lift up the IPL title for 2018.

They proved to everyone that they are still the “Kings” of the tournament and that age is not a factor for them to achieve the best result possible, and they stunned us with their mind-blowing performances.

Dhoni is the leader of the team, and he has stated again and again that fitness needs to be the best among all athletes and that age is just a number. He quoted the example of Rayudu and said that what he achieved at the field was just phenomenal.

After that we saw a video of Dhoni on the internet, here Dhoni is challenging Bravo to check who can take 3 runs faster. Bravo is just 2 years younger than Dhoni, but Dhoni won the race like a boss. On the other hand Bravo left no stone unturned to go ahead of Dhoni.

Watch the video here, and you can find out the fitness level of both the athletes:

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