Delhi policeman puts duty first, helps arrest son who stabbed woman 9 times

For ASI Raj Singh, 52, his son was guilty of stabbing a woman who spurned him and had to be brought to justice. Singh knew his son deserved to be behind bars and had even threatened his relatives against helping, Amit, evade arrest.

On Wednesday night, when Delhi police were grappling for clues to crack the case, Singh walked into the Najafgarh police station and offered to help the investigating officer arrest his son.

Singh, posted in the west district, was on a seven day medical leave, when he learnt about his son’s involvement in the Najafgarh stabbing case. Within hours he was in touch with all the teams investigating the case.

Police said Singh first spoke to his relatives and warned them not to give Amit shelter. Singh told relatives, who still did not know what Amit had done, that his son was guilty of stabbing a woman and deserved to be arrested.

Sources said Singh even went to some of his relatives’ house in Roshanpura to check if Amit was hiding there. A senior officer said that when he spoke to Singh, the man said that his duty came first and he was a cop who would treat his son like any other suspect.

Joint commissioner of police Dependra Pathak confirmed that Singh had helped the police, “The ASI helped the investigating team in locating his son. We respect his commitment towards his duty. He has certainly set an example for others.” Said Pathak.

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