Delhi Police Seize 18 pistols hidden in secret car hole, 2 held by the Police

The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested two gunrunners and busted a Madhya Pradesh-based module supplying weapons to gangs in the NCR. The cops seized 18 sophisticated pistols and 25 magazines from a secret cavity in the car of the arrested men, Praveen Chaudhary (25) and his uncle Amar Singh (35), both natives of Aligarh.

The Swift Dzire, which was modified with the help of engineers to smuggle firearms, has also been seized. Each pistol was bought at Rs 10,000 and sold for Rs 30,000-40,000.

The police were working on a tip-off regarding gang members coming to Delhi to drop of weapons.

“A team led by ACP Akhilesh Yadav laid a trap and started checking vehicles. Soon, a car registered in Rajasthan was pointed out by the informer and flagged down by the cops. However, the driver stepped on the gas and tried to flee.”Yadav said.

The police are also trying to understand the functioning the gunrunners as it seems that post demonetization the business is being run on credit, said sources. They added that payments are being accepted in advance in bank accounts.

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