Delhi Man Gets Ex-Lover’s Husband Killed by Having Poison Injected into His Neck in a Busy Market

A 28-year-old banker was murdered by his wife’s ex-lover with the help of a physiotherapist, who injected him with a lethal dose of poison in the neck in a market in Delhi.

The victim, Ravi Kumar, who worked in Sardar Bazar, was headed home on Saturday evening when he felt a prick on his neck. Although he collapsed within moments, he managed to turn and grab his assailant, Prem Singh, who had been contracted to kill him by Anish Yadav, a gym trainer, who was in love with Kumar’s wife.

Singh was caught by the people and Kumar was taken to a hospital, where he died of poisoning within hours. In his testimony to the police, Singh said he was paid 1.5 Lakh Rupees to finish off Kumar by Yadav, who had been in a relationship with the latter’s wife.

Police sources said Kumar’s wife had broken off her relationship with Yadav after she got married about a year ago. Yadav, too, tied the knot in July last year but continued to be in touch with his former lover. When Yadav’s wife found out about their relationship, she left him, at which point Yadav started putting pressure on Kumar’s wife to leave her husband too.

Since Kumar’s wife resisted Yadav’s plan, he decided to plot the murder to get the “hurdle” out of the way. Singh allegedly procured several deadly drugs – Midazolam, Fortwin and Phenergan – from a hospital to make a lethal cocktail, which he tried and failed to inject into Kumar last October. However, he missed the chance and Kumar did not complain to the police.

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