Deepika Padukone Does a Meaningful Ad for Coke! Gets slammed for it! Check it out!

Deepika’s new ad for famous beverage “Coca-Cola” has gone viral on the internet; no doubt, the ad is very good an even the concept is unique, but it seems, her fans have not liked it at all.

Basically, the ad shows how Deepika is stuck in the elevator with a housekeeping boy and how they both dance after having a bottle of “Coca-Cola”.

Watch the video of the ad;

We all know that there were many reports about Coca-Cola being unhealthy; in fact, due to Coca-Cola’s unhealthy nature, attempts are being made to ban it. This is the reason why there are so many hate comments against the actress.

Some Deepika fans loved the ad and praised her, while some trolled her for endorsing an unhealthy product.

Some people said that she’s promoting this product just for the sake of earning money; some others supported her and asked the haters to take it casually. Check out some Comments..

Against the Ad!

Rajdeep KarRajdeep Kar
Deepika.. I have no intention to troll you or take a dig at you but I truely feel its the high time to abstain ourselves from these kind of hazardous drinks and the first ones I expect stepping up for this cause are public icons like you. Surely and many others must also step up… I am absolutely sure even you don’t have a try; and must not even.. At last I would say it’s a serious situation and a point to think and act quickly keeping in mind the aftermath of these in recent days and for coming future generation!
Reshma KadelReshma Kadel
Cola pine se hearts and lunge ma bahat negative effects parta he, tum deepika depression ki foundation karne wali ladki heart ko upset or restless karne ki idea de rahi ho? Are you out of your mind? Advertise milega kaam karne ke liye to kuch vhi negative effects hone wali baat ko dekhawoghi kya?
Rajeeb BarmaRajeeb Barma
Western world me coke ke lobby se chutkara paana chahte hain taaki logon ka sehat theek rahe sake.. par hum Indians ko toh yahi dikhana hai ki coke keliye paise kiske paas zyada Hai.. US ke medicine bill 3 trillion se zyada ho chuki hai isi aadat ke wajeh se.. humari Budget se zyada Hai wo.. kab samajh me aayegi Hume?
For the Ad!
Sneha Barve Sneha Barve
No need to slam or troll her @deepika padukone…..It’s just an ad…. She’s just doing her job of acting…..If it bothers so much don’t buy the drink……nobody’s forcing anyone!
Sujal Amita SinhaSujal Amita Sinha

Wow nice as😍😍 deepika you just rocked it..
And hatters Pls stop trolling her she is just doing her job.. If it’s unhealthy so you should not buy n drink Deepika is just paid for ad..
We are the one who pays to coco-cola so we should stop buying it will automatically will ban.. So stop blaming her.

Nissan ShawkatNissan Shawkat
I so see her doing that in real life… she seems like such a lovely person…

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