Cricketer Harmeet Singh gets Arrested for Driving his Car onto Andheri Station Railway Platform in Mumbai

We all have heard of cases of car driver rashly driving their car and this is a cause of concern of everyone in the country. The same thing happened to U-19 IPL player who was in Mumbai while playing for the Mumbai squad for Ranji Trophy and was arrested for rash driving by the Mumbai Police.

The Mumbai Cricketer has been charged for driving his luxury car onto the Andheri Railway Station Platform at around 7:15 am on Monday morning. The platform was filled with commuters who were waiting for their train and this caused a tense situation with most of them looking to get out of the way of the car when it came at full speed.

Even with the scattering crowd on the platform, Harmeet was able to skillfully drive around them and stopped the car on the platform which was a Dangerous Experience for all.

Harmeet was detained by the Mumbai Police so that they can evaluate if he was under the influence of alcohol or drug. Luckily, everyone is safe and no casualties are reported.

A Police official said:

“He is from Punjab. He lives in Malad. He seems new to Mumbai. As of now it looks like he did it by mistake. We see no other reason behind it. He has been arrested.”

This is not the first time Harmeet has been under the scanner. While playing for Rajasthan Royals in 2013, he was accused of match fixing which he was later acquitted for.

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