Chef Gordon Ramsey Trolled for his Remarks on a Tasty Indian Dish! Check it Out!

Gordon became a global chef in 2005 when his show “Hell’s Kitchen” aired on television sets across the globe and since then, he has a reputation of insulting people and their food items. What’s more, he is keeping the tradition alive on the micro-blogging site Twitter as well.

A twitter user from Mumbai, @Sychlops, uploaded an image of his food which was Medu vada Sambhar with nariyal chutney and asked Gordon to rate it.

Here is the tweet from @Sychlops, “Please rate my medu vada sambar and nariyal chutney”

True to his reputation, Gordon came up with an insulting remark, calling the south Indian dish as the food from prison. Gordon tweeted, “I didn’t know you can tweet from prison

This made a lot of people get a rancid taste in their mouth, they were not pleased by the reply. Most north-indians consider this as their favorite dish while every south-indian gets this dish in the morning breakfast. So they trolled him, and that too in a classical style:

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