Aussie Cricketer Fawad Ahmed Forgot his Bat While Going to Bat! Watch this funniest moment in Cricket!

When Western Australia and Victoria faced each other during Sheffield Shield, an amusing and funny incident took place which lightened the atmosphere of tension. The Pak-born Aussie batsman, Fawad Ahmed, walked out for batting and guess what, he forgot to take his bat with him!!

The cricketer made sure whether he had all the necessary items like pads, gloves, etc. However, as soon as he discovered that he forgot the most important thing, i.e., his bat, he swiftly moved to the dressing room. Luckily, his bat was handed over to him by a Victorian teammate.

Even though Ahmed thought that his brain fade moment was not observed by anyone, the cricketers of Western Australia burst into laughter. The batsman also showed a cheery spirit and laughed with them. As luck would have it, that bat couldn’t be used for long in view of the fact that the player could bat only seven balls and failed to score even a single run and the team was bowled all out, making 322 runs.

Watch the Video of the Hilarious Incident:

Beer Tailored to your DNA: London brewery creates the perfect pint based on your Genetic Code

London’s Meantime Brewery has launched a service that creates an ale personalized to your own DNA=based taste preferences. The service, Meantime Bespoke, will allow anyone to brew personalized beers based on their genetic code- provided they have $31,000 free.

Mr Giblin is the first brewer to make a beer based on his own DNA using genetic profiling to map a gene associated with taste preference.

As part of the service, customers have their DNA analyzed with a saliva sample by a personal genetics company called 23andMe to find genetic variants that could explain personal preferences towards specific flavors within beer such as sweetness and bitterness.

After the genetic analysis, Meantime’s brewers use the results to help them create the flavor profile for the personalized brew, before offering a one-on-one consultation with Meantime’s brew master to give their input on the process.

Meantime’s Brewmaster, Ciaran Giblin, has become the first brewer in history to brew a beer dictated by his own DNA – using cutting edge genetic profiling to map personal propensity to specific flavors.Ciaran has recently brewed a small batch of a Double IPA with a strongly bitter flavor profile, matched to his genetic inclination toward bitter flavors and aversion to specific sweet foodstuffs.Following the initial success of the DNA mapped brew, the craft brewer has today announced the launch of ‘Meantime Bespoke’, a one-of-a-kind service aimed at offering passionate craft beer fans the opportunity to brew the ultimate in personalized beer – using genetic profiling to individually tailor it to harmonize with their palate.

Customers can also get involved with the physical brewing process by adding hops, grain and testing the mixture.

Once the beer making process is done, customers get a minimum of 12 hectoliters of their personal beer, which is equivalent to more than 2,000 pints.

People can also name their beer and work with Meantime’s creative team to put their personal touches to the packaging design.


New Zealand Passport Robot tells the applicant of Asian Descent to open eyes


A New Zealand man of Asian descent had his passport photograph rejected when facial recognition software mistakenly registered his eyes as being closed.

Richard Lee’s attempt to renew his passport was blocked after he submitted the picture to an online passport photo checker run by New Zealand’s department of internal affairs.

The automated system told the 22-year-old engineering student the photo was invalid because his eyes were closed, even though they were clearly open, according to a copy of the notification posted on social media site Facebook.

“No hard feelings on my part, I’ve always had very small eyes and facial recognition technology is relatively new and unsophisticated,” Lee told Reuters.

“It was a robot, no hard feelings. I got my passport renewed at the end.”

Up to 20 percent of applicants have their passport photos submitted online rejected for various reasons, an Internal Affairs spokesman said.

“The most common error is a subject’s eye being closed and that was the generic error message sent in this case,” he said.

The lighting in Lee’s first photo was uneven, but a later one was accepted, he added.

WATCH: This Witty Video Starring Virat Kohli Puts A New Spin On The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Come Wedding Season, there’s one line you will hear from every family: “We don’t want anything, but the wedding should be grand.” This statement is repeated with each demand which grows with time. First, it is just on the Grandiosity of the Mandap, then goes for extra cars and better accommodation for the guest. This extra demand has to be accommodated by the organizing party, often the girl’s family, has to go to make the preparations ‘just right’, which is not fair at all.

A pat on the back has to be given to most Indian Families, because of the way and how far it has come where weddings are concerned. On the other is a hard-hitting question: If the families share the good times and the bad, the tear filled moments or joyous ones, then why is the cost of the wedding placed on the girl’s family and why is it not shared?

This video by Manyavar, featuring Virat Kohli, could not have said it any better. A wedding is a union of not just two people, but also of two families. So, it’s only fair that they divide the cost aadha aadha. The man said it, after all: Maan dene se Maan milta hai.

Sardar Joke: a Common Work Place Habit, Could lead to Rustication from College

In a proposal made by a committee, Cracking Sardar Jokes is a crime against Sardars. Not the normal kind of crime, but assuaging Negative Stereotypes against Sikhs may lead to rustication from educational institutions.

According to the same committee headed by the Supreme Court, judge H S Bedi said that stereotyping Sardar Kids as intellectually inferior should be considered equivalent to ragging.


And the report also ratified repeated offenders should be dealt with a heavier punishment like rustication from educational institutions.

The same report proposed the setting of an anti-ragging committee in schools and colleges to deal with habitual offenders. It also said that there should be strict action taken against repeated offenders towards kids from Sikh Community by lodging criminal cases against the offender.

The report said that such ragging affects the psychology of the student and should be dealt with strictly.

The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee had appointed Justice Bedi for this reason. They wanted to counter racial discrimination against Sikhs, was to frame guidelines for Sikh community to counter discrimination they face everywhere.

The Sikh community for years has felt the negative stereotypes have negated the positive traits of the community and demoralized them.

Would You Arrest a Woman for ‘Stealing’ 3 Fries from your Plate, This Officer would

This news piece would absolutely surprise you. Consider taking 3 Fries from another person’s plate, it’s something anyone and everyone would do.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 fries

This is exactly why a woman from Washington DC did, and the result she is facing Second Degree Burglary Charges. She casually took 3 fries from an Officers Plate at a Quite Restaurant. The officer was having dinner at this restaurant when two drunken women came and sat alongside him.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

They started making small talk and soon enough when one of them reached for the plate and grabbed a fry.

When she in a drunken state reached for another fry, the officer politely asked her not to do that again as she was stealing the food he paid for.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

This is when the lady told the officer “Well then you might as well take me to jail.” And the officer did just that and arrested her for stealing three fries from his plate.

Now that is some Food for Thought. Think about what the women went through next time your taking someone’s fries.