This Pic of a Baby holding a Birth Control Device is Going Viral! Know the Reason Behind it!

Many people believe in destiny and sometimes it does prove its power; no matter how hard you try to avoid certain things, they are bound to happen as per God’s plan. Do you believe in these things? If you don’t, you will start believing after reading about this incident.

Well, an American lady Lucy Hellein shared a pic of her baby Dexter Tyler on social media and it was the most unusual pic you must have ever seen. The pic shows a baby of 6 days old holding something, but only after watching it carefully, you will realize it that it is a birth control device Mirena.

Lucy had taken all possible precautions and had go that device placed inside the womb 3 weeks before conceiving, but sadly, that didn’t work. However, she doesn’t regret it anymore and feels blessed to have a cute son like Dexter.

The photo has created a rage on social media; even doctors were surprised to find this device behind the placenta during C-Section. It’s called “Mirena” and it’s a small device which doctors fit inside the womb so that the sperms and the egg don’t come in contact.

Lucy shared the photo on Instagram and captioned it as “#MirenaFail”. It shows that although she took protection, God had other plans for her. This pic of the baby has received a lot of shares on social media. Check it out…

As soon as people saw this news on Twitter, they reacted out in joy..

Billboard Wars Between Arnab and Anjana, and the latter gets Trolled on Twitter!

The former news anchor of Times Now Arnab Goswami made political debates the new cool among youngsters. Now he is all set to come with his own news channel “Republic” and people are waiting for it with bated breath.

When there is going to be such monstrous entry in the field, others are bound to fear. Marketing teams of other news channels are already busy in brainstorming to tackle the competition from Republic, such is the fear of Arnab. Meanwhile India Today decided to start a marketing war and this is what they did.

This is the marketing scene from Noida’s Film City, where India Today place their hoarding aside Republic’s one.

But the main thing is the message. While Republic’s hoarding on the left says “Arnab With You Soon”, India Today hoarding has a message, “Anjana reached & waiting”. Do we need to explain what India Today meant by this?

According to The News Minute, India Today Group’s chief marketing officer Vivek Malhotra said,

“News doesn’t wait for anyone. Someone had to set the record straight. And we did.”

However, Twitterati took this on the other side and starting trolling India Today. Check out the funny tweets they posted in reply to the marketing idea.

Flight Delayed Miscommunication leads to “Fake Hijack” Tweet to Modi! See How Twitter Reacted

We often take our freedom of expression for granted. Social media has become a platform for expression of thoughts and opinions and some people have totally misused the platform for all the wrong reasons.

One has to be very careful with what they express on a platform that is exposed to the entire world. Just for the sake of it, people post on Facebook and Twitter.

The recent Twitter mishap is all thanks to one such user who miscommunicated on the platform to stir a wrong action. Nitin, a passenger on Jet Airways tweeted something that literally isn’t funny.

His flight which was supposed to land on Delhi got delayed and was diverted to Jaipur. The wait was as long as 3 hous. After that, the passenger tweeted something without actually knowing its aftermath.

He tweeted, “@narendramodi sir we have been in jet airways flight for past 3 hrs, looks like hijacked, pl help 9W3555”

Instead of asking any flight attendant of crew member, he did this insensitive thing and created a fake panic. The Indian security authorities came across the tweet and took it seriously. There was alert at Jaipur airport after he tweeted.

However, Jet Airways took note of it and gave out the right information to the authorities and they even made Nitin understand the reason behind the delay.

The people, however, aren’t much impressed with Nitin’s tweet, they thought it is not acceptable to create such panic that too regarding a serious issue like security in our public place like Airport.

Hilarious Song Show the Real Love Life of Every Average-Looking Guy

True love is something we all seek for the whole life but only few people are very fortunate to have been actually blessed with the love of the one whom they have fallen for. What do girls look for in their partners? Trust, respect, love, financial stability, etc. but what appealed to them first is no doubt looks!

It’s a big problem for all the average-looking guys, as they usually don’t have the guts to express their feelings to the one they are in love with, as somewhere in their conscience, they have the fear of being rejected because of not-so-handsome appearance!

Here we present an amazing and super hilarious song entitled “Baby I Love You” which perfectly portrays the love life of average-looking guys and at the same time, will tickle your funny bones.

Check out this Funny Video:

Ravindra Jadeja why Virat Kohli was Laughing so Hard Seeing his Makeover!

We all remember that famous photo of Virat Kohli laughing heartily looking at Ravindra Jadeja right after he underwent a beard makeover to support BreakTheBeard trend.

Well, the star Ravindra Jadeja has finally revealed why Virat Kohli was laughing so hard before the IPL match on April 18th in Rajkot. The photo that became a part of all the memes showed Virat pointing fingers at Jadeja and sharing a laugh with Gujarat Lion’s pacer Praveen Kumar.

In an interview with website Quint, Jadeja said,

“The picture was taken right before the match with RCB, where Virat started calling me ‘Rajput’. He has nicknamed me that and I feel super proud when he addresses me with that name. Virat and I are like brothers and these fun conversations are a part of our relationship. Everyone in the dressing room looked the same, so I thought let’s try something different. Something that is unique. Once Anil Kamble walked up to me when I was sitting with my face down. He thought I was KL Rahul and started speaking in Kannada. Beards have created a lot of confusion in the team..”

If we remember, Jadeja was the first one to be a part of the #BreakTheBeard trend and he posted the photo of his transformation on Twitter and Instagram.

He wrote on Twitter: “Change the game on the field. Change the look in the dressing room”.


Kapil’s Shoot for TKSS Has Villain Themed Episode! The Guest will leave you Asking for More!

Unquestionably, TRP of “The Kapil Sharma Show” is falling down to such an extent that Sony TV is not in the mood to continue with the reality comedy show and it might soon go off air. However, Kapil is leaving no stone unturned to make audiences laugh and for this purpose, he’s inviting celebrities who have amused the Indian viewers for decades.

He has come up with a ‘villain’ theme and you’ll be amazed to know that the best and most popular B-Town villains are invited by him for the special episodes.

Want to know who? Well, they are Ranjeet, Prem Chopra and Raza Murad. Sound quite exciting, doesn’t it? Here are few pics from the sets of the show and you definitely won’t want to miss them!

Looks like they enjoyed a lot!


Needless to say, due to the ugly spat which took place between Kapil and Sunil Grover in a flight while returning from Australia, the latter did not continue the shooting of TKSS and along with him, few other team members like Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra also left the show. Probably the same is the reason as to why even celebrities are not showing any interest in appearing on TKSS. Nevertheless, it’s the question of Kapil’s career which he has made with extreme hard work and that’s why, he’s trying hard to do everything possible for entertaining the viewers, making them laugh and also improve TRPs.

This Woman Got Back At her Boyfriend for Cheating on Her and Her Approach is a Lesson For All Cheaters!

Trust is very important part of being in a relationship and it can make people go weak mentally if they get to find that their partners are cheating behind their back. In today’s world, there are many apps which let a person find their partners online, such as Tinder, but some people are using these apps despite being in a relationship.

Alison Chappell’s heart was also broken when she found out that her boyfriend was using Tinder. The worst part was that she was on a four-day break and caught her boyfriend when they were eating out at Sutlers in York. She just loved the wine and Sauvignon Blanc at Sutlers but her boyfriend’s betrayal was too difficult to handle at that time, so she cut short her visit to York and returned.

However, she posted a review of Sutlers and recommended the bar to everyone but at the same time, she also slammed her boyfriend publicly by explaining the whole incident in the review. Here’s what she wrote:

“Really nice bar, lots of atmosphere and good Sauvignon Blanc. Unfortunately halfway through said wine my boyfriend’s phone beeped with a Tinder message which, of course, I wasn’t supposed to see. So our visit was cut short, and he consequently got dumped and we drove back to Leicester (very uncomfortable car journey as you can imagine).”

She further added:

“I’d recommend this pub definitely, but best to go with someone who isn’t a lying cheating shit head as you’ll have a much nicer time than I did.”

You really can’t disagree with Allison at this point.

She also got a reply from a person from the Bar who tried to make Alison feel better:

“Alison you sound like an absolute sweetheart. We’re sorry your visit didn’t turn out as planned. Your boyfriend sounds like an absolute cad and a bounder. We deplore such actions. It’s unbecoming of a true gentleman. If you’d mentioned this at the time we’d have defended your honour by challenging said scallywag to a duel or at the very least given him a shake of our heads and sent him on his way with a collective tsk tsk, and advice that a gentleman should always treat his fair maiden with the utmost respect. You deserve better. The next time you’re in York, with a new beau or with chums, pop in and say what-ho! We’ll make sure your next visit is a far more enjoyable one. Please accept my warmest sympathies and kindest regards on behalf of all the staff at Sutlers, Captain Darling.”

Alison also replied to the kind words of Captain Darling,

“Captain, your comments are most kind. I love York and very disappointed my four-day trip was cut short. However next time I’m around I will definitely pop in and finish that Sauvignon Blanc.”

Twitter Handle of Barkha Trolled for Interview with Karan Johar! User Calls Him “Chakka”! His Reply is Worth Reading!

Karan Johar has always been a target of Twitter trolls; people make fun of him for some reason or the other. We know that Twitter users love to troll celebrities, but it seems Karan is their favorite.

On the other hand, even Karan is very active on social media platforms and speaks openly on several issues. However, he doesn’t take trolls casually, he makes sure to give mouth-shutting replies, so that trollers don’t dare to mess with him again.

Once again a troller tried to hurt KJo but got it back perfectly from the filmmaker.

Well, when Barkha Dutt posted a video of her interview with Karan Johar, a person named Rahul Tripathi, labeled her and KJo “Chakkas”. This is what he tweeted..

The tweet read, “So a chhaka is interviewing another chhaka.”

As soon as Karan Johar saw this tweet, he trolled Tripathi in his epic style..

He tweeted back, “Tripathiji.. a very happy Sunday to you…. I hope you recover quickly…. Don’t forget your meds! Also make sure you gargle 2 hourly!”

Karan asked him to get well soon, since he felt he was mentally sick. Instead of getting angry, KJo handled the situation calmly and we love him for that.

Rajinikanth to be made the Next President of India? Check out PM Modi’s Motive Behind this Move!

Rajinikanth is God-Incarnated for Indians; he enjoys a huge fan following throughout the country and abroad, thanks to his humble nature and brilliant acting. There’s some good news for his fans and this time it’s not related to movies but to “Politics”.

Our current President Pranab Mukherjee’s tenure as President would end on 24th of July and now, everyone wants to know “India’s next President”.


Well, there is speculations that Rajinikanth is going to be India’s next President; yes, Modi Government is considering the superstar’s name for this post.

Earlier, everyone was surprised when Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was made the President and now, it seems Modi government has planned another surprise by considering Rajinikanth’s name.

A non-controversial name is needed for this post, names of Murli Manohar Joshi and L.K. Advani aren’t being considered because of the Babri Masjid demolition case. On the other hand, Big B’s name was being considered, but again, due to Panama Papers case, his name was ruled out.

As of now, Rajinikanth is just perfect because he’s non-controversial and humble; moreover, he’s popular among his followers and everyone would love to have him as the President. Also, with Rajinikanth in power, BJP will definitely get a good boost in Tamil Nadu.

However, the Thalaivar hasn’t commented on this yet. It is yet to be seen if this news is a rumor or true.

Girl Asked Prabhas “Why Katappa Killed Bahubali?” His Answer was to the Point!

Everyone has just one question in their mind right now i.e. “Why Katappa killed Bahubali?”

Bahubali fans are dying to know the answer and they are finding it difficult to wait for the sequel, which is all set to release on the 28th of April.

Even Rickshawali is very curious to know the answer and hence, she got in touch with the cast and crew of the movie. She hoped to get the answer from them, but seems they were in no mood to reveal anything.

When she dared to ask Prabhas the question, he gave a mind-blowing answer. After this, the girl wouldn’t dare to ask this question again, haha!

Watch the video!