Tabu Opens up to the Media! Says Ajay Devgn is the reason she is Single Today!

Tabu is one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood and she has never shied away from doing intense roles, like she did in “Haider”, “Maqbool” and others. Despite being so beautiful, one fact that surprises everyone is that she is still single. When she was asked about it by Mumbai Mirror, she held actor Ajay Devgn responsible for the same. Not only this, she hopes that one day, Ajay will regret and repent for this.

Don’t worry, there is no hatred between them and she was just adding a little humor. She told that her cousin and Ajay, who was his neighbor and close friend, used to keep an eye on her and “threatened to beat up any boys who are caught talking to me.”

In her words,

“Ajay and I have known each other for 25 years. He was my cousin Sameer Arya’s neighbor and close buddy, a part of my growing up years and that has laid the foundation of our relationship. When I was young, Sameer and Ajay would spy on me, follow me around and threaten to beat up any boys who are caught talking to me. They were the big bullies and if I am single today, it is because of Ajay. I hope he repents and regrets what he did.”

We have seen Ajay and Tabu in many movies together and now they will be seen in Rohit Shetty’s “Golmaal 4”. When she was asked about the change of genre after giving some really intense and dramatic performances in “Haider” and “Fitoor”, she said,

Birthdays should be mad fun and glorious…a lot like our Golmaal family. Happy Birthday Rohit!

A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on

“I’ve wanted to do a light-hearted film for a long time, more so because my mother was fed up of me doing rona-dhona roles. A lot of people too have been saying that they wanted to see me in a comedy like ‘Biwi No 1’ and ‘Hera Pheri’.”

She also told Mumbai Mirror about her experience of working with director Rohit Shetty,

“I’m working with Rohit for the first time and I’m really happy. There is an unexplained familiarity when I’m on the sets with him. He’s completely focused on the action but at the same time, he makes his actors comfortable.”


Serena Williams Shuts Down John McEnroe’s Sexist Remarks Like a Queen! Check it out!

Not only India, but the whole world is suffering from a disease called sexism. No matter how far the ladies have gone to prove their talent and abilities, there are some men who always think ladies can never bet men.

On the receiving end is Serena Williams right now. You won’t believe it, but yes, the 35-year-old and 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, Serena is the latest victim of sexism.

Serena, who is on a break from Tennis due to pregnancy was attacked by former Tennis world number one player, McEnroe. During a radio show, he said that Serena would struggle to be in the world’s top 700 if she was on the men’s circuit. In exact words, “If she played the men’s circuit she’d be, like , 700 in the world.”

Now that’s quite provoking and hard to bear, but Serena being a genuine person gave the sanest reply. Here’s what she tweeted-

Dear John, I adore and respect you but please please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based.

I’ve never played anyone ranked “There” nor do I have time. Respect me and my privacy as I’m trying to have a baby. Good days sir

Check out some reactions on her tweet-

American Guards Expect Mrs Modi along with Mr Modi! Open the Door and No One Comes Out! Video!

#ModiTrumpMeet was trending the whole day as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US President Donald Trump yesterday. All the Indian Americans were super excited for the much-awaited meeting.

Narendra Modi is the first leader to be invited to the White House, had a one-on-one interaction with US President Donald Trump and also held a joint conference for the media post interaction.

This is not the end as he then moved for a cocktail reception and then a working dinner with the First Family of the United States.

After that, a red carpet welcome awaited PM Modi on Monday, with President Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump waiting to greet him at the White House. This much respect and welcome, but it is a small video from the meeting that has gone viral here in India.

Want to know about the video? Well, a TV grab showing two guards waiting to open the doors of Modi’s car for his wife has generated lots of buzz and has made many fingers wagging.

What happened is when the car of Prime Minister arrived at the White House, the guard on the other side opened the door for his wife but is left hanging as he there’s no one apart from Mr. Modi himself who already came out from the other door.

The whole situation must’ve been very awkward for the guards and hence it’s being talked about by people. Ever since the video is shared on Twitter, it has got hundreds of likes and rt’s. Have a look-

Wonder why? Here’s what Kohli, Yuvi and Shoaib Malik were Discussing After ICC CT Final!

India and Pakistan have not played any bilateral cricket series for a long time now due to the the tension going on between both the neighbors. So it is always a treat for cricket lovers of the nations when these two teams meet in any tournament.

In the recently concluded ICC Champions Trophy, India and Pakistan played against each other two times, first in a league match in which India won comfortably and secondly in the finals which was won by the Pakistani team by 180 runs. Fans of both the countries are very passionate about the game and sometimes, they take it as a war and not a sport. However, the players of both the countries clearly understand that losing and winning are a part of the game and whichever team will perform better on that particular day will win.

At the end of the finals, it was seen that Indian players Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli were having a light-hearted chat with Pakistani player Shoaib Malik and Azhar Mahmood, the bowling coach of Pakistan. Many were curious to know as to what these cricketers were talking and laughing about and what Shoaib was trying to express with his gestures.

And the big secret has been revealed finally! It was about a misunderstanding that took place between Shoaib and Saeed Ajmal during a match against West Indies. The West Indian batsman Chris Gayle played an aerial shot in a bid to increase the momentum of runs but he didn’t hit the ball properly and Shoaib and Ajmal ran to take the catch. As Shoaib saw Ajmal going for the catch, he stopped but shockingly, Ajmal also thought the same and left it for Shoaib. The ball touched the ground while they kept staring at each other and an easy chance to dismiss a dangerous batsman was gone.

Here is the video in this connection:

Superstitious Villagers and Tantrik Perform Rituals to take the Soul Back in Hospital

It’s shocking to know how superstitions are still followed and believed in our country. People are so misled that they believe they can get the deceased one back by practicing some rituals.

In Kota, few villagers along with the tantriks entered a government run hospital premises to perform the occult ritual.

As per the information, it was done to take back the soul of a youngster who died in the hospital a couple of years back. His relatives believed that the dead boy’s soul still wanders in the hospital.

Official said that the patient had died following a bad accident. He died in the hospital while undergoing treatment.. The doctors tried to save his life but he couldn’t survive the injuries.

For people who witnessed the event at neurosurgery ICU, the whole occult ritual performed by relatives was weird.

The Hospital superintendent, Dr Pramod Tiwari was not present during the time the event happened said –

Two people came to the hospital to perform some rituals. They believe that this would help them to take the soul of the patient, who died in the hospital, along with them.”

He further added –

“When the villagers reached the hospital, doctors were on their rounds in the wards. Though the other staff, present in the hospital, tried to stop them, they failed to do so. They left the place in hardly two minutes after performing it.”

Watch the video of this incident;

Girl Chops off Boyfriends Private Parts after he Refuses to Marry Her

Sometimes such incidents take place which compel us to think as to where the world is heading. We have always been concerned about the safety of women and have tried to seek measures to reduce crimes against females; however, there are some women in this world from whom men need to save themselves.

Yes, you read it right! At least, this incident proves so!

A 23-year-old from Delhi chopped off the genitals of her boyfriend after he refused to marry her. She lives in Mangolpuri and has been in a relationship with a street vendor name Ravi (35) for the last four years; nevertheless, whenever the issue of marriage comes up, he denies by giving the excuse that his family will not agree for this wedding.

On Wednesday night, the lady’s sister-in-law called Ravi and asked him to visit them at their home. Ravi went there and once again, the issue of marriage turned up which resulted in a fiery squabble.

As per the victim, he was then pushed inside the bathroom by the lady and she undressed him, demanding him to get physically intimate with her. She tried to threaten the victim by showing him a knife and warned him of severe consequences if he didn’t fulfill her demand. When Ravi didn’t give up, she chopped off his genitals. The lady’s brother and sister-in-law were also there when she attacked Ravi.

Ravi ran out of the house, bleeding and shouting; he was lucky enough that the neighbors not only informed the police but also took him to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Ravi was referred to Jaipur Golden Hospital subsequently to undergo surgery.

Police have formed teams to catch the lady and her family as they have been absconding since the attack.


Unbelievable! What Sony Did to Kapil Sharma to Keep TKSS on Air!

Fortune doesn’t seem to be in favor of comedian and actor Kapil Sharma or rather we should that he couldn’t handle stardom which resulted in the falling TRP of his show that used to be no. 1 show of the television world.

It’s definitely saddening that once he was called the comedy king and now his fan following is decreasing day by day. There is absolutely no denying the fact that Kapil’s bad days started after his mid-air brawl with Sunil Grover following which Sunil, Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra left the show.

However, Chandan has made up mind of rejoining TKSS and it will be interesting to see whether this change proves to be beneficial for the show or not.

The latest buzz about TKSS is that a mutual decision has been taken by Kapil Sharma and Sony TV on account of the low TRPs of “The Kapil Sharma Show”. A source has revealed that Kapil’s fees has been renegotiated and reduced to almost half.

Just to inform, Western countries have this practice of cutting the fees of the actors when their shows don’t perform well but they still wish them to continue. One more interesting piece of news is that Sugandha Mishra and Ali Asgar have joined Krushna Abhishek for a show which will also be telecasted on Sony. It will also have Sunil Grover in the guest role and will be telecasted at 8 PM whereas TKSS will be aired at 9 PM.

Ronaldo was Promoting Nike But Wore an Adidas T-Shirt! Got Trolled on Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo (32), the Portuguese footballer who plays for the national team and Spanish club Real Madrid, had a great weekend as he scored two times in the finals of Champions League and consequently, Real Madrid lifted the trophy.

It was obvious that after such a terrific performance of Ronaldo, his sponsor Nike would like to cash in the moment by using him to promote its brand. Nike dug out an old photo of Ronaldo of his young days and added the caption “This boy knew” as an attempt to tell that the Portuguese footballer had an idea of his future achievements.

The footballer also shared the photo on social media with the famous slogan of Nike – “Just do it”

However, as you know that there are some social media users who have the knack of going deep into every matter, they did it again by bringing out the original image which was not edited by the graphic team of Nike. This revelation gave an embarrassing moment to Nike as in the original photo, Cristiano is seen wearing a black jumper which was designed by Adidas, the arch-rival of Nike.

Twitter trolled Ronaldo for the attempt of false advertising and here are some tweets:

Bangladesh Fan Post Derogatory Picture of Virat Kohli! This will Make your Blood Boil!

Virat Kohli is one of those cricketers who are watched by fans and media all the time. Irrespective of what they do on or off the field makes headlines. The semi-final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 between India and Bangladesh is being played at Edgbaston and the whole world is watching the match because this result will decide which team goes into the finals of the Champions Trophy and face Pakistan. The Bangladeshis have started considering India as their arch-rivals and leave no chance to troll them by means of derogatory posts and memes.

During the match in the 36th over of Bangladesh innings, Kedar Jadhav bowled a full toss to Bangladesh batsman Mushfiqur Rahim; he lofted the ball and it was caught by Indian skipper Kohli. The celebrations of taking a wicket were started by the Indian team but Virat Kohli celebrated it in a different manner by taking his tongue out like this:

The fans of Virat Kohli just loved it but a Bangladeshi Facebook page once again tried to insult the Indian skipper by comparing him to a dog in this manner:

This photos has got around 30K likes and around 5K Shares


We all know that winning is important in a game but Bangladeshis should remember that by posting such mean stuffs, they are showcasing their mediocre attitude and lack of sportsmen spirit which is quite necessary in any sport.

Lalit Modi Leaks MS Dhoni’s Employment Letter with Salary and Allowance Details with India Cements

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the man who is considered as the most successful captain of Indian team, is also highly successful when it comes to earning. Despite the fact that he is not leading team India now, he is still one of the most desirable and loved players of the cricket world.

Lalit Modi, the former chairman of IPL, who himself is facing many allegations of corruption, took to Instagram today and leaked Dhoni’s letter of employment with India Cements. Just to inform, BCCI’s former president N Srinivasan is the owner of the company and Lalit uploaded this letter on social media to raise a question on the intentions and purpose behind these kinds of employments taking into account the essential idea that the annual income of MSD is around Rs. 100 crores. Does he really need this job?

Here is what the letter read:

“We are pleased to appoint you as Vice-President (Marketing) at Our Corporate Office, Chennai with effect from 07.07.2012 on the following terms and conditions:

  1. You are placed in the Company’s Selection Grade IV, on a Basic Pay of Rs 43,000/- Per Month in the Scale of Pay of Rs. 12650 – 47650.
  2. In addition to the Basic Pay, you will be paid a Fixed Dearness Allowance of Rs. 21,970/- Per month.
  3. You will also be paid Special Pay of Rs 20,400/- Per Month. The special pay will be taken into account for the purpose of PF, Gratuity and Medical reimbursement and will not attract any other benefits including Superannuation and leave encashment.
  4. You will be entitled for the following prerequisites:
    1. Enhanced HRA of Rs 20,400/- per month will be paid to you in lieu of HRA as applicable to your grade. This amount will be paid to you as long as you are posted at Chennai. You are eligible for reimbursement of electricity, water and cooking gas charges.
    2. Special House Rent Allowance of Rs 8,400 per month, if posted in Chennai and branch Offices and Rs 8000 per Month, if posted at Plants.
    3. Special Allowance of Rs 60,000/- per month. The special allowance will not attract any benefits including statutory benefits.
    4. Education/ Newspaper Expenses of Rs 175/- per month.”

In the year 2012, Dhoni was appointed at the post of VP-Marketing with India Cements; his basic pay has been shown Rs 43,000 pm in the letter with DA of Rs 21,970 pm, special allowance of Rs 60,000 pm and the special pay of Rs 20,000 pm.