Uncanny Look-Alike of Shah Rukh Khan Who Even SRK Needs to Check Out!

Shah Rukh Khan is rightly called the Baadshah of Bollywood with innumerable fans from every corner of the world. People are simply crazy just for a glimpse of the superstar and are ready to do anything for his autograph or selfie. What’s more, many fans imitate the style of their favorite stars and few of them even go to the extent of looking like their idols

Today we are going to introduce you with a  look-alike of SRK who himself is a big fan of King Khan

Meet 22 years old Haider Maqbool from Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir!

His dream is to have a tryst with Shah Rukh Khan.

He is a 12th pass-out and is now studying in Government Degree College, Kulgam.

Check out few more pics of him:


Guy Tries to Fool Girls & Get close to them! What the Girl Does is a Lesson For Him

Guys make a number of attempts to impress hot and beautiful girls or the ones who they have a crush on. In fact, some of them go to the extent of befooling them by acting too smart or too innocent but while doing so, they forget that girls having ‘beauty with brains’ exist too and their futile tricks are not going to work on them. However, they never give up and keep on trying until they get success or a perfect lesson!

Here we present an amazingly hilarious video by Funk You featuring a guy who avails himself of his cute and innocent looks for making a hot girl fall for him. By employing various tricks, he seeks opportunities to spend time with her, such as asking her to teach him how to dance or how to ride a bike.

Finally when the girl gets to know about his actual plan, she teaches him the lesson of a lifetime when he eventually asks her to teach him how to play cricket! What happened with this guy? Well, to know that, you need to watch the video!

How using Calibri Font Helped Expose the Pakistani PM’s Corruption!

Currently, the Microsoft font “Calibri” has become a talking point, you might think what’s so great in it, right? Well, it is not just a font, but is also a key evidence of corruption in Pakistan.

It is a masterpiece that has helped a lot in the Panama Papers leak case. In this leak, details of customers using law firm for handling offshore accounts were revealed.

Among them were PM Nawaz Sharif’s children, the papers showed some holdings which weren’t publicly declared by the Sharif family. Investigators were of the opinion that the family had more assets, but they didn’t declare them all. Also, they believed that the documents were faked for hiding them.

Supreme Court ordered investigation into the matter; now, when officials probed this issue, they found out that the documents were typed in Calibri. The main punch is that the documents were of 2006 and Calibri font was introduced in January 2007. It was very easy to identify that the documents were forged.

It was after the documents were sent for lab examination, which this important evidence cropped up.

A lab personnel said, “Calibri was not commercially available before 31st January 2007, neither of the originals of the certified declarations is correctly dated and happy to have been created at some later point in time.”

However, things are not that easy, a Quora Screenshot was circulated on Twitter which suggested that the font was available in 2004, but in limited means. Here’s the screenshot;

This was tweeted by his Maryam Nawaz Sharif as well. On the other hand, Lucas Fonts, the design-company, said that the font was delivered to Microsoft in 2004 but the public release happened much later.

A representative of Lucas says,

“We do not know the exact date for this public release date [but] it is [still] extremely unlikely that somebody would copy fonts from a beta environment to use in official documents.”



Ranvir Singh Forgets to Reply to Big B’s B-day Wishes! Here’s How He Finally Does It!

Bollywood’s shehanshah Amitabh Bachchan’s biggest quality is that he is not even a bit arrogant. Despite earning so much of money & fame in almost 5 decades long Bollywood career, Big B is still childlike and always makes us wonder with his cuteness.

It is a known fact that Amitabh Bachchan is quite active socially. When it is about sharing someone’s happiness & grief, he makes sure to be there. You’ll never miss Amitabh Bachchan at any funeral as he makes sure to attend every time someone from the film industry or his relatives passes away. Similarly, he never misses sending greets to the colleagues during their anniversaries.

But there’s something more about his nature that makes him really adorable. Amitabh Bachchan gets quite weak when someone doesn’t respond to his greets or messages. It wasn’t long ago when Amitabh Bachchan responded to a tweet which he had sent to Sonam Kapoor regarding the Birthday wish, to say the least.

Now Big B has done it again. As Ranveer Singh celebrated his Birthday a few days back, like many fans and well wishers Amitabh Bachchan too sent him a personalized birthday wish. However, he got anxious when he didn’t get the response from Ranveer and further saw him replying everyone on Twitter to the Birthday wishes.

@RanveerOfficial May you always keep challenging the unchallenged! #HappyBirthdayRanveerSingh

Ranveer replied,

This is how Amitabh Bachchan reacted-

“hey.. but what about my intention.. sent you sms greetings for your birthday.. did not get a reply.. did you see it …!?? J

Isn’t that adorable?

Ranveer was quick to respond –

Except that I TOTALLY replied! I just cross checked it too! You were in fact one fo the first to even wish!

And it’s the little thing like these, that make you THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!! #bachchan #GOAT I’m blessed that you even know I exist!


How does the Baby Fit In there? Check out this 6 months Pregnant 33 Yr Old Model’s Photos!

The feeling of becoming a Mommy is beautiful, but one thing which fit to-be-mothers don’t like is “Baby bump”. Yes, it keeps growing with time and is inseparable part of pregnancy. On the other hand, many love to flaunt their baby bumps and nowadays, we see that there are special photo sessions for the same.

However, things are different in case of model Sarah Stage. Well, she is pregnant with her 2nd child, but you’ll be surprised to see her figure.

Sarah is 6 months pregnant, but after seeing her 6 pack abs, you will have your own doubts. She’s looking so fit that it’s difficult to digest the fact that she’s pregnant.

Have a look at her pic:

Here’s another pic of her:

I'm at a place in my life where happiness, peace and joy are my priority 👶🏻 Especially being #6monthspregnant , there's no room for any negativity so please take it elsewhere ✌🏼Baby #2 is healthy and measuring just fine 🙌🏼 I would think that after having James, who was born almost 9lbs and healthy, people would be more understanding during this pregnancy and keep their ignorant comments to themselves …🙄 we are all different that's what makes us special and unique! Anyway, thank you to the amazing women who have started my Fitness Ebook and everyone who has supported my journey! 😘Been working hard on updates like meal plans, recipes and grocery list! I'm also including special discounts for @proteinworld they have all kinds of products for women who are expecting too 🤰🏻Love you guys ! 💕

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After seeing her fitness, here’s how Twitter reacted..

Tendulkar Asks Followers to Tag Friends With Phone Numbers. Got Slammed

If we have to count, India’s most noble persons on fingertips, Sachin Tendulkar will be one name for sure. The man has earned a lot of respect in his lifetime and has been titled the “God of Cricket” by millions of fans.

But the God has surrounded himself in a controversy lately and he is now regretting it for sure.

Sachin Tendulkar in collaboration with IDBI Federal Life Insurance – the promoters of the Kochi, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi marathon, tweeted on Monday asking people to share their friends’ contact numbers along with city names who need fitness inspiration.

“Have friends with many excuses to not get fit? Tag them using #NoExcuses with their cities & mobile no & I may call to give them a pep talk!”

Now, read this tweet once and you’d know how harmful such act can be. I mean, it’s not a social media game where you are tagging your friends in memes. It’s a contact number, Man! And any individual or company who is hungry for such data can misuse it.

Thankfully the issue was solved in its inception when Troy Hunt who is known for creating the data breach search service Have I Been Pwned?, as well as for authoring several popular security-related courses tweeted regarding the same.

He tweeted, “How do you mine troves of phone numbers from Indians? Get a famous cricketer to politely ask people to dox their friends! #NoExcuses”

He also tweeted, “Would it be too meta if I scraped these numbers off #NoExcuses then paid an Indian call centre to phone and ask for the tweet to be deleted?”

Remember The Pakistani Chaiwala Whose Photo went Viral Last Year? Pak Media Revealed a Big Truth about him

Internet has the capability of making anyone famous within a very short span of time! Who can understand it better than Arshad Khan? Arshad Khan is the chaiwala who got famous after his photos were uploaded on the social media sites and soon, he was signing the contracts of modeling.

Till now, we all knew that he is a Pakistani national but there is a twist in the story as per the recent reports, it seems that he is an Afghan national and not a Pakistani. Yes, you read it right!

Pakistani news channel Geo News has claimed that Arshad is an Afghan national and their claims are based on the inputs received from their sources in National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

Arshad has been accused of using fake documents to attain computerized national identity card and then using it for making a passport. The report said that there were many points which were doubtful but Arshad used his celebrity status to get the passport issued.

Arshad has, however, denied such reports as well as talked about the photos on his Facebook account which showed him receiving computerized national identity card at the headquarters of NADRA in Islamabad.

He claims that his family is from Mardan in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and his father was born in Sargodha in Pakistani Punjab while his house is at the outskirts of Islamabad where he lives with his family. However, he didn’t produce any document to prove his claims and in an interesting twist, the photos at his Facebook account have been deleted.

However, the ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Omar Zakhilal, has confirmed the news of Arshad Khan being an Afghan in a tweet and wrote, “Yes @geonews_english, #Chaiwala (#ArshadKhan) indeed is an Afghan!”

10 of the Weirdest Things to Do in Japan! Go and Experience it!

If you want to experience some crazy yet sensible things, Japan is the right place for you. Japanese people love to be innovative and they are always appreciated for their creativity. Sometimes, their inventions are so weird that we have a question mark on our face. Yes, the country has many a times stunned us with some awesome things, which we wouldn’t have even imagined. Once you read the list, you will feel like going to Japan right away. You might ask, “Why travel all the way to Japan?” Well, you have no option, because some things and practices are exclusive to the country.

  1. Taking a nap in office is considered to be a good thing in Japan

This is a very unique practice! While in other countries, employees are asked to stay active at work, Japan encourages “Nap at Work”. This practice is called “Inemuri”; it is believed that if people take a short nap on the job, they can stay refreshed all day long.

  1. Capsule hotels

In Japan, people don’t go behind luxury. For them, big and cozy hotels are considered to be a sheer waste of money. Japanese people prefer living in capsule hotels. These are small cabins that have just 1 bed and a TV. They are enough to serve your purpose of “Accommodation”. They are very small, but be sure that you will fit in well. Most of them are found in Tokyo.

  1. Cuddle cafes

This is basically a “Sleep together shop”; men have to pay a small fee, after which they are allowed to sleep next to a girl. These cafes don’t entertain sexual requests.

  1. Adults are adopted

When we hear the term “Adoption”, the first thing that comes to our mind is children. But no, in Japan, adults are adopted too. As per statistics, 98 percent of people adopted are between 20-30 years. This practice is unusual and the reason is equally weird. Family business owners who don’t have sons to keep the name alive, opt for such adoptions.

  1. Weirdest Parking Lot

Japan is very particular about space; unnecessary waste of space is a strict NO here. Don’t be surprised if you come across some weird methods for space saving, parking being one of them. When you go to shopping mall, you might find a parking lot with these parking spaces.

  1. Rigorous training for preparing fish

Have to heard of the term “Fugu”? It is a poisonous blowfish, and in order to be an expert in preparing that, 11 years of training is needed. One small mistake while cooking it, can kill a person. In order to get certified, Fugu chefs are required to eat the fish that they have prepared.

  1. Crying Rooms

This is a new trend in Japan and is dedicated to women who wish to get rid of stress. Women can rent these rooms, which contain tissues, eye masks and warm sheets. It is rightly said that when a woman cries, half the stress is driven away and that is why, Japan has come up with such rooms. In these crying rooms, women can watch some super-emotional movies and cry their heart out. Majority of them are found in Tokyo.

  1. Banishment rooms

Banishment rooms are created by big companies, so that they don’t have to fire the employees themselves. Yes, the employees who don’t give a good performance are sent to these rooms and are asked to do some of the most boring tasks. Example include staring at a blank spreadsheet or staring at a TV monitor for 12-13 hours constantly..

  1. Melons are very expensive

In India, people can easily afford 1 melon everyday, but in Japan, the situation is opposite. The cost of a small melon there is $300 i.e. around Rs 15,000. We really want to know the reason behind this sky-high price.

  1. Slurping is appreciated

When someone slurps while eating, we often get irritated, isn’t it? But Japanese people appreciate this practice. It is said that slurping is an indication of tasty food. So next time you go on a trip to Japan, don’t forget to slurp those yummy noodles.

Wonder Why Airplanes have AshTrays when Smoking is Prohibited! This is why!

It’s been ages since smoking has been prohibited in the planes “we still don’t have any idea, why it was allowed at the first place” but a thought strikes mind when we notice ashtrays still available in the bathrooms. Why are they still there? What’s the point? I believe you must have also thought about this.

Here’s the answer to it –

According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) list of “minimum equipment” for aircraft, an ashtray in the plane toilet is still a legal requirement.

Yes, it is the fact that nobody is allowed to smoke on a plane, but in case someone does it, the FAA suggests that there must be ashtrays to prevent any chance of fire.

What’s more, if one of the aircraft’s ashtrays breaks, the regulations say that they must be fixed or replaced within 10 days (as long as 50 percent of the plane’s ashtrays are operational, otherwise they must be fixed in three days).

Indeed, in 2009, it was reported that a British Airways plane was delayed because the staff was searching for a “vital” replacement ashtray.


Woman Broke a Bracelet and Fainted after knowing that the Price is Rs 30 Lakhs

Many times, we have seen a warning being put up in the shops which sell costly products that read, “You break it, you buy it”, which implies that if you break anything, you have to pay for it. So a person should be very careful while visiting such shops otherwise a small mistake can result in making a huge payment.


On June 27, a female tourist was visiting the jade market of Ruili city, which is in the Yunnan province of South-western China. She dropped a jade bracelet by mistake and fainted after she got to know its price.


Surprisingly, the cost of the bracelet in Indian currency was approximately Rs. 30 lakh or $44,000. As per a  report in the People’s Daily Online, she was trying the bracelet when it slipped off and broke into two after falling on the floor.

Check out the video:

The Chinese consider Jade as more valuable than gold and it is a luxury product there which symbolizes good health and long life.

The family of the lady offered 70,000 yuan ($8,000) to the shopkeeper which he refused saying that it would not even cover the cost of the product. Then the jade bracelet was valued by an independent expert who told that its cost was around 180,000 yuan or $ 26,550 and the family agreed to pay the amount to the shopkeeper.