Some Reasons to Be Always Thinking Positively

All of us go through stressful, difficult, and unfulfilling times in life sometime. But being happy doesn’t take much more than being positive and thinking positively. Being happy is maintaining a balanced psyche and realizing that you attitude directly affects your mind. Numerous studies have shown that people will positive thinking leads to a positive attitude and that people with positive attitudes live longer happier lives.



Here are some reasons to Stay Positive:

Feel Better: A positive attitude create happiness from inside. You do not have to be rich or achieve goals to be happy, it is a matter of attitude. When you adopt a positive frame of mind you become happy as it does not require external causes to become happy.

It comes from inside you. It’s impossible to be both positive and negative at the same time, and positive energy is contagious, so the more positive you are, the more positive feelings will come.


Thinking positively will help you accomplish dreams and goals, and tasks would be easier to fulfill.

Motivation is a positive quality and a wonderful trait to have. It not only pushes you in a positive direction and helps you overcome obstacles.

A positive frame of mind increases your motivation to succeed and get what you want. It will make you believe you will get what you want. It will also motivate you to achieve more than you expected.

To have a strong motivation is the same as to spread your wings and reach your potential.

Self Esteem

Attitude towards yourself and the way you think about yourself has much to do about yourself. If you have a positive attitude and think good about yourself, you will have a better opinion of yourself, which means a sense of self-esteem.

Choose to look at yourself in a positive frame of mind, and automatically this will increase your self-esteem.

Don’t worry about negative people, and about what people think about you. When you have a positive attitude towards yourself, the people will have a better opinion of you, and would treat you with more respect.

Loving yourself, being good to you, and being happy, are expressions of thinking positively. This attitude would also enhance your self confidence, your courage and your inner strength.

Better Health:  Positive thinking is very beneficial to your health. Scientific studies have shown that people with a good, positive vibe are less likely to suffer from depression and they get ill more rarely than negative thinkers. Positive people suffer from less stress, are more active and have a more positive outlook towards life.

The mind has a strong effect on the body and on health. When you think positively your immune system is healthier, and your body recuperates more quickly.

Improved Relation: When you choose a positive attitude, you will start to notice a lot of positive qualities in people and will not concentrate on the bad. By being conscious of this, you will start to create more meaningful friendships and great relationships. This type of attitude will create a very good and positive atmosphere around you which will attract people towards you.

Positive people bring joy, happiness and uplifting energy, and are fun to be around. They bring light and joy, and energize their environment.


8 Career Moves Smarter Than A MBA

For everyone who wants to improve their business acumen, increase their personal brand or become more competitive in the current market consider getting an MBA at certain times in their career.

8 moves Smarter than MBA

In today’s market grades don’t matter that much since if you are talented, you can find a job even with minimal qualification.

Tuition and Fees for a two year degree program at a top private college would cost you anywhere up to $130000 in total, if you make $50000 a year that would still take some time to repay. If your expenses are still $45000, the expenses would add up to $90000 for the whole term.

So, a total of $220000 would be the cost of an MBA from any top private college, and even though a MBA can improve your pay by another $11,586 a year. This would only add up to $1.6 Million by the time you retire. If you put the same money of your fees and tuition into a fund you will earn up to $2.1 Million by the time you retire in 40 years.

Anyway, the choice is yours but here are 8 things you can do if you do not join a MBA program:

Open up your Own Business

If you open your own business, the best possible option available to you, you would become your own boss. This would improve your Self Confidence and you would learn more from this experience than if you would get an MBA. At the worst scenario, you will close down your business. But this will give you an insight about the Business management focus which you need to concentrate on.

Develop Strong Sales Skills

Sales are the heart of capitalism, and without it there would be no exchange of goods and services, without which the only exchange would be through taxation and robbery.

Even Mediocre performers who have good sales skills outperform great performers with mediocre sales skills.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs who have an idea to sell to the world, but if you do not have the required skills in selling, and then no investors, customer or talented employee would be attracted to the idea.

With a small portion of MBA Program which include courses on sales and more prestigious program avoid this subject altogether as the belief that marketing trumps sales every time.

Gain Fluency In Another Language

Learning another regional language or foreign language is not only exciting but also beneficial. While this may seem a lot of work, it shouldn’t be difficult to achieve fluency in two years if you spend a few hours per day.

The easiest option to consider even though it is complex would be Mandarin since majority and largest manufacturer of consumer goods. Conversing with Chinese Based businessmen in their native language will give you a distinct advantage over competitors who must use translators.

Write a Book

Writing a book, talking about your personal experience or interests can be a fruitful experience. Don’t get mixed up in terms and consider getting the ‘best-selling’ title as the difficult part. Virtually anyone can get on the New York Times or Wall Street Journal bestseller list if they can get enough friends and business associates to buy 2,500 or so advance copies.

Even if $25 was the list price on the book, pre-ordering 2,500 books would come to $2,500. Round that up to an even $75,000 for gifts to your compliant associates and you are still spending a fraction of what an MBA costs.

When it comes to actually writing the book, you can hire a ghostwriter at 50 cents per word and that would only come up to a $25,000 which would come to $100,000, again less than the cost of the MBA.

Even if you write, publish and promote the book yourself and don’t try to game the bestseller lists, a published book is world’s most effective business card.

Join a Startup

You get to experience a little bit of everything while working at a Startup. From handling back end to front end to marketing and promotion, you would get to do it all. Entrepreneurs are some of the best people to learn from and people who work in a startup have a very different mental and professional from of mind.

You can also tutor yourself the ins and outs of an MBA program. You would require a variety of topics in an MBA program, while home tutoring yourself, you are free to cater to your interests. Strategy and marketing, industry-specific lectures, leadership, and public speaking are a few basic attributes that must be learnt in order to have a secure future.

Learn to Code

Learning to code has become a business fad of lately, but it can be a fact that it’s a skill that can positively ripple through everything that you do in business.

Coding requires logical and organized thinking. It forces you to break down something complex into smaller, simpler, discrete chunks, in order to maintain quality and, time and resource management.

Coding also requires you to learn how to create subroutines and place it in various lines of code, otherwise it would mean to update bits of code that do the same thing in multiple places in the program.

Technical programming languages influence the way people think. Quite aside from the technical jargon, understanding a technical discipline makes it much easier to understand and empathize with engineers.

Become a master Storyteller

In this current information age, people are drowning in information. Information has turned from a competitive advantage into a huge burden. Far from becoming an information economy we have moved into an storytelling economy.

People do not want information but want to understand how you, your company and your product fit into their lives.

Most businesspeople know how exactly how to throw data into a spreadsheet and slag a graph into PowerPoint, but few know how to tell a good story.

Pursue a Certification Course

There are tons of courses to choose from both in India and Abroad, which could be highly relevant to your business career. Pursuing an MA or MS instead of an MBA, could also be a great idea since it’ll provide a greater niche in the subject of your choice. These master’s programmers generally add a direct and a more meaningful connection to venture capitalists or small business incubators.

An MBA could be a great professional tool if you know exactly what you want to do with it. I would suggest that you be proactive and study practical alternate development programs rather than going for the text-book knowledge.



Court Says Blaming Husband to Get Seperated From His Parents, Amounts To Cruelty: SC

The Supreme Court of India in Narendra vs K. Meena has held that persistent effort of the wife to constrain the husband to separate from the husband constitutes an act of ‘cruelty’ to grant divorce.

The Bench comprising of Anil R. Dave and Justice L. Nageswara Rao also held that leveling of absolutely false allegations with regard to extra-marital life and repeated threats to commit suicide would also amount to ‘mental cruelty’. The Supreme Court set aside a High Court judgement which had reversed the Trial court order granting divorce to the husband on ground of cruelty.
Repeated Threats to Commit Suicide
Observing that this would considered an act of cruelty, the Court observed: “No husband would ever be comfortable with or tolerate such an act by his wife and it the wife succeeds in committing suicide, then one can imagine how a poor husband would get entangled into the clutches of law, which would virtually ruin his sanity, peace of mind, career and probably his entire life. The mere idea with regard to facing legal consequences would put a husband under tremendous stress.”
Forcing Seperation From Parents
With regard to allegations of cruelty in wife forcing husband to get separated from his parents, the Bench observed: “In normal circumstances, a wife is expected to be with the family of the husband after the marriage. She becomes integral to and forms part of the family of the husband and normally without any justifiable strong reason; she would never insist that her husband should get separated from the family and live only with her… . If a wife makes an attempt to deviate from the normal practice and normal custom of the society, she must have some justifiable reason for that and in this case, we do not find any justifiable reason, except monetary consideration of the Respondent wife. In our opinion, normally, no husband would tolerate this and no son would like to be separated from his old parents and other family members, who are also dependent upon his income.”
Allegations of Extra marital Affairs
The Court observed that to suffer an allegation pertaining to one’s character of having an extra marital affair is quite torturous for any person.
Restoring the judgment of Trial Court, the Bench said: “The behavior of the wife appears to be terrifying and horrible. One would find it difficult to live with such a person with tranquility and peace of mind. Such torture would adversely affect the life of the husband.”

Creative Juices Change this Man from a Jail Bird to take these Striking Photos After Being Released

Life can take some serious turns, and despite plans changing entirely, some people among us manage to conquer such obstacles and succeed. This is one such story about a man who did not let a prison sentence jail his passion for photography.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

According to Upworthy, a set of burglary and petty crimes put Donato Di Camillo behind bars, but he did not let prison stifle his creativity and spent his time usefully. Through the limited amount of literature of National Geographics, Time and other magazine he was able to teach himself photography and the world found out a talented artist.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

He used this knowledge when he got out in 2011 to showcase his photography talent to himself and the world. Equipped with this knowledge and also some how-to books and youtube videos he was able to work his magic in front of his muses.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

When Di Camillo was a child, his family did not have money to buy films for his poloroid camera. This did not stop him from taking imaginary photos of being on an African Safari and  capturing magnificent beasts in all their natural beauty, and dreamed of one day being an iconic behind-the-lens heroes of the world.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

Once out of prison he set out in New York to capture a side of life distinctly different from what most of us are used to seeing.

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

Donato’s subject, his muses were the mentally challenged, homeless and mentally-ill, subjects who were interesting characters or just anything but ordinary from outside the city. He says that his street smarts and his life outside the normal conventional society helped him approach and connect with people that other photographers may struggle with.

“These people walk around, and they’re faceless.” He said. “I feel that everybody deserves a face.”

Striking photography taken by a Jail Freed Person

“I think we all relate to each other in one way or another, whether someone’s laying in the street or running a Fortune 500 company.” He added.