Bombay HC Says Maths Should become Optional in Grade 10! Incredible News for Students!

There is no denying the fact that the best phase of life is school life but that was the same time when most of us faced one of the toughest challenges of our lives, i.e., passing in the Mathematics Subject. The present school generation is also experiencing the same stress and fear when it comes to Mathematics but Bombay High Court has come up with a solution to their problems.

On Monday, Bombay HC gave an advice to all the education boards to make Mathematics an optional subject in class 10th. The court has come up with this suggestion after noticing the high number of students who didn’t appear for the exams and consequently, gave up education completely just because they were not able to pass their Mathematics exam.

A division bench comprising of Justice AK Menon and Justice VM Kanade stated,

“You will open doors to a large number of students who are unable to cope up with mathematics and eventually dropped out.”

Out of all those students who leave school mid-way, 90 percent quit studies because they fail in Maths and English. The court gave an example when it stated that before 1975, SSC students used to take examinations of eight papers which also included general Maths and even if a student failed in Maths, he was considered as passed.

math formulas on school blackboard education

The court lays focus on the fact that if this options is available at the moment, it will be very helpful to the students who want to carry on their studies in art or some other streams in which there is no need of Mathematics.

It’s undoubtedly amazing news for students who find Maths difficult! If it becomes a non-compulsary subject, new opportunities will be opened for them as they will be able to continue their studies!

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