Billboard Wars Between Arnab and Anjana, and the latter gets Trolled on Twitter!

The former news anchor of Times Now Arnab Goswami made political debates the new cool among youngsters. Now he is all set to come with his own news channel “Republic” and people are waiting for it with bated breath.

When there is going to be such monstrous entry in the field, others are bound to fear. Marketing teams of other news channels are already busy in brainstorming to tackle the competition from Republic, such is the fear of Arnab. Meanwhile India Today decided to start a marketing war and this is what they did.

This is the marketing scene from Noida’s Film City, where India Today place their hoarding aside Republic’s one.

But the main thing is the message. While Republic’s hoarding on the left says “Arnab With You Soon”, India Today hoarding has a message, “Anjana reached & waiting”. Do we need to explain what India Today meant by this?

According to The News Minute, India Today Group’s chief marketing officer Vivek Malhotra said,

“News doesn’t wait for anyone. Someone had to set the record straight. And we did.”

However, Twitterati took this on the other side and starting trolling India Today. Check out the funny tweets they posted in reply to the marketing idea.

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